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Manga name Maseran
Debut DBNA CH17: The Homeworld of Rigor! Planet Bebit!
Appears in Dragon Ball New Age
Race Saiyan
Date of birth Age 769
Height 6'0" (182cm)
Weight 215 lbs (97kg)
  • Vegeta (Uncle)
  • Rigor (Father)
  • Separi (Mother)
  • Bulma (Aunt)
  • Trunks (Cousin)
  • Bra (Cousin)
  • Basuko (Brother)
  • Koto (Brother)
  • Roko (Brother)
  • Savina (Sister)
  • 18 (Wife)
  • Chun (Son)

  • Maseran (メセラン, Meseran) is a fictional original character in the online doujin Dragon Ball New Age. He made his debut in Chapter 17 of DBNA, during the Aladjinn Saga. Maseran is the oldest son of Rigor and Separi, making him the nephew of Vegeta, as well as a full-blooded Saiyan.

    Maseran's name is a pun of the 'Serrano Pepper'


    Maseran was born on Planet Bebit shortly after his mother and father took up residence on there. From an early age, Maseran developed incredible power, more-so than most saiyans at his age. As it turns out, his father's Legendary Saiyan DNA had been passed on to Maseran. Maseran lived to try and equal the strength of his father, and became a Super Saiyan very early in his life. Much of Maseran's rapid development can be attributed to his father's militant training regimen and Maseran's Legendary DNA. He also is taught all of the ancient Bebit martial arts by the Mystics of Bebit.

    A month before the main story of DBNA began, Maseran finds that his mother and father had left planet Bebit for Earth. Maseran remained on Bebit, eagerly awaiting his father's return. During this time, he began training his younger sister, Savina, in the ways of the Bebit Mystics.

    When Maseran discovered that Rigor had been defeated on Earth, he and his siblings resolved to travel to Earth to see the warrior who brought down their father.


    Maseran's transformations are currently unknown, as he has not yet demonstrated any forms as of yet in the story. He is presumed to have an ability called Released Super Saiyan.

    Special abilitiesEdit

    • Afterimage Technique, the ability to move swiftly enough that an image of its user is left behind.
    • Flight, the ability to fly with the use of ki.
    • Ki Blast, the most basic form of energy wave.
    • Due to his having some of his father's Legendary Saiyan traits, Maseran tends to power up more than average saiyans after extreme injuries or battle.


    Maseran has a highly advanced fighting style on par with Goku's martial arts. He also favors a "hit and run" style of fighting, moving in for a quick flurry of strikes before retreating with energy attacks.


    • Maseran's personality mirrors that of Son Goku's on many levels. Unlike most Saiyans, Maseran is very even-tempered, and never fights to kill his enemies. He is constantly trying to better himself and become stronger and stronger still.
    • Maseran is notable as one of the few pure-blooded Saiyans who does not wear the battle jackets worn by Freeza and his men. Instead, he and his siblings wear traditional Bebit pants and sashes, greatly resembling Broly's clothing.