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Dajin is a descendant of Majin Buu. He is one of the many people of the Majin race. He enters the 43rd world tournament to fight strong opponets, and is Brudikai's first student. Brud teaches him about controlling ki, and to use his powers respectfully. Dajin learned alot of ki attacks from brud, the Erasor cannon and the Kamehameha are Dajin's favorites. Dajin finally left Brudikai's mentorship to travel the world. Dajin returned 3 years later after training with other masters around the world wanting to show his progress to Brudikai. So the two fought all out like in the 43rd tournament. Dajin lost once again but Brud seen how much he improved since they first met and invited Dajin to 

Kid majin dajin

Majin Dajin when Brudikai defeats him

be apart of the Supreme 5
Majin Dajin
character image
Dragon Ball PD Character
Vital statistics
Birthplace: Unknown
Power level: 56,000,000,000
Homeworld: Earth
Species: Majin Race
Gender: Male
Birthdate: age 779
Height: 5'5
Weight: 114 lbs
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information

Majin Dajin v2

Majin Dajin


Regeneration- Like all Majins Dajin can regerate body parts extremely fast. Faster than Brudikai can. He can come back from being blasted into smoke, reduced to a puddle of goo and having a hole through him

Absorbtion. Dajin can absorb people and gain their abilities. Dajin doesn't use this much if at all. Through Brud's training he learned that the greatest strength is your own.

Erasor cannon- He learned it from Brudikai

Kamehameha- yet another move he learned from Brud.

Gak Cannon- Dajin fires a red beam from his mouth

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