00 - Maiku


Maiku - Mike

Kanji for Maiku

Maiku is a fictional character created by DaveyG1986 for the FanFic Dragonball Omega.

Name: Maiku (Pronounced May-Coo)

Race: Human

Year of Birth: 1991AD

First Appearance: Dragonball Omega Chapter 1

Family: Unknown


Maiku met Deivii during the 339th Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament. He is a very skilled Martial Artist with a very high power level for a human. Who taught him Martial Arts or how to channel his Ki is unknown. Maiku has a very laid back nature and prefers to look at a problem from all angles before rushing in. During his bout with Deivii in the finals he showed an amazing ability to adapt to his fighting style very quickly. Maiku's parents were killed when he was a baby and he was raised in an orphanage. He entered the Tenkaichi Tournament to win the prize money to keep the orphanage open. After losing to Deivii, he is disappointed that he has failed, but Deivii gives the prize money to Maiku. Maiku then joined Deivii and Hitsurugi for more training.

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