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Magnus is a surviving Cell junior. He grew up to be identical to his father cause thats how Cell juniors are. He is a villain in Dragonball GT super cell. He was a very powerful one. He was killed by Trunks as an adult. His brothers were killed by the Z fighters long ago. Cell loved Magnus very much. And he also missed him when he died. He wanted the dragonballs to wish his son back to life. Magnus was a very powerful being. He was created by Dr Gero long ago but was first a tiny egg that was put into Cells body. He was a sleeping larva at the time of the imperfect cell. He went to HFIL when he died. He was angry too.

In his childhood he fought the Z fighters. One of his brothers was killed by Trunks. He escaped after Cell was defeated. He lived in Australia too. In a desert though. He lived in a cave. He ate wild animals and stuff. He drunk water from the cactie. He trained and trained. He was soon trained by an evil bear named Lars Shinyclaw. He called him master Shinyclaw. Shinyclaw was stronger than him. He trained him. Years later when he was an adult Shinyclaw died of old age. So he buried him by the cave. He missed him. When he was a little older he met his Shinyclaw's son. Shinyclaws son was middle aged. He trained him hard too. Shinyclaws son was named Marvin Shinyclaw. Magnus called him Master Marvin. One day Marvin betrayed his father and Magnus cause he worked for an evil crocodile named Growl. So Magnus killed both of them. Three years later he met his father Cell. He was surprised to see him alive after all those years. He had missed him. Magnus badly injured Majuub and almost killed him. He was blasted by Trunks and killed.

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