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Rohan (kid)

1/4 Saiyan, 3/4 Earthling
  • Male
  • Aliases:
  • マーク
  • Maaku
  • Great Saiyaman Jr.
  • Great Saiyaman No. 4
  • Great Saiyaman 4
  • Date Of Birth:
  • Age 797
  • Date of Death:
  • Fan Manga: Dragon Ball SF Chapter 1
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball SF
  • Affiliations:
  • Son Gohan (father)
  • Videl (mother)
  • Pan (sister)
  • Aple (brother-in-law)
  • Hyo (nephew)
  • Son Goku Jr. (great nephew)
  • Son Goku (paternal grandfather)
  • Chi-chi (paternal grandmother)
  • Son Goten (uncle)
  • Son Gochan (cousin)
  • Son Gochi (distant cousin)
  • Mr. Satan (maternal grandfather)
  • Miguel (maternal grandmother)
  • Ox King (paternal great grandfather)
  • Chichi's Mother (paternal great grandmother)
  • Grandpa Son Gohan (adoptive great-great grandfather)
  • Bardock (paternal great grandfather)
  • Gine (paternal great grandmother)
  • Raditz (paternal great uncle)
  • Bagge (paternal great-great grandfather)
  • Majuub (mentor)

  • Maaku (マーク, Maaku) is the only son of Son Gohan and Videl, and the younger brother of Pan. he appears in Dragon Ball SF.

    Dragon Ball SFEdit

    Early LifeEdit

    Maaku was born in the 791 Age to son Gohan and Videl, At a young age, he displays a incredible vast amount of potential similar to his father Gohan.

    After Future Saga and 32nd Tenkaichi Budōkai Saga Edit

    7 years later at the age of 7, Rohan attends Orange Star Priminary School in satan City and fight crims alogn with Pan as the Great Saiyaman Jr. along with Gail.  afterwards he finally meets his grandfather, Son Goku.

    Nori, Gold Star Dragon Ball and Kobra Saga Edit


    Red Corp., Android 22 and Super 22 SagaEdit


    Chocolay and Ark SagaEdit


    Techniques and Power Ups:Edit

    Bukujutsu: The ability to use ki for flight. It was taught to him by his father Gohan. also known as flight.

    Ki Blast: The most basic form of ki.

    Ki Sense: The ability to sense Ki.

    Afterimage Technique: The ability to move so swiftly that a image is created to trick the opponent.

    Kiko-Ha!: Rohan's signature energy attack, he created and first used at the 32nd World Martial Arts Tournament. he creates a yellow full power energy ball in front of him, as he draws his hands back and launch it towards his opponent. It is similar to his sister Pan's Maiden's Rage. Rohan can also perform the Super Kiko Ha!

    Kamehameha: Maaku learned the Kamehameha from his grandfather Goku. He also able to perform the Super Kamehameha and Kamehameha Rebirth.

    Kiko Kamehameha: a combination of the Super Kamehameha and the Super Kiko Ha. it was used first to defeat Super 22.

    Energy Blast Barrage: Also known as Gekirestu Madan. A barrage of strong Ki Blasts.

    Shooting Star Arrows: A full power energy wave barrage, that is similar to Majuub's Lightning Arrows.

    Chocolate Beam: This attack can change any opponent into any type of object. Rohan learned this attack from Majuub.

    Transformations and Power Ups:Edit

    Great Saiyaman Jr:Edit

    Great Saiyaman Jr. (Great Saiyaman 4, グレートSaiyamanジュニア, グレートSaiyaman第4号) also known as GreatSaiyaman No. 4  is Maaku's alter ego.

    Super Saiyan:Edit

    The most common Super Saiyan transformation. Even as a 3/4 Saiyan, 1/4 Earthling, Maaku manages to unlock this transformation through intense training.

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