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The following is a list of power levels for The Mrovian Series.

Saga/Movie Chapter Character Description of Event Power Level
Nomad saga
Chapter 1: The Son of Dogom
CuberBase power, before sparring against Chaiva


ChaivaBase power, sparring against Cuber


OcraBase power


ChaivaBase power, first mission


CuberBase power, first mission


Other saiyan childrenAverage base power, each


Native soldiersAverage base power, each


Dragon Ball: Cold VengeanceEdit

Series/Saga Character Description of Event Power Level
Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance
ChaivaBase, pregnant109,000
ChaivaAnger burst127,000
CuberBase, not full power15,200,000
Yuki20% Fourth Form1,100,000,000
KirkaKirka's power level2000
NaroNaro's power level17,000
Planet Trade Organization SoldiersAverage Planet Trade Organization soldier power level1100
CuberSuper Saiyan1,400,000,000
Yuki45% Fourth Form2,430,000,000
CuberSuper Saiyan, severely wounded2,000,000,000
LedasTaking out Yuki's minions36,000
LedasKicking Yuki's head50,050,000
CuberBase, severely wounded
LedasSuper Saiyan2,502,500,000
YukiFifth Form7,300,000,000
LedasSuper Saiyan 25,005,000,000
LedasSuper Saiyan 2, injured2,730,000,000
CubasBase, injured and not used to body
CubasSuper Saiyan 2, injured and not used to body
CubasSuper Saiyan 2, injured and used to body
YukiFifth Form, injured5,200,000,000
CubasOn Mrov, recovered and after zenkai
CuberDefused, base max power
LedasDefused, base max power
Bedtime (Deleted Scene 3)
RyoriStart Of Scene2
LedasStart Of Scene2
ChaivaStart Of Scene5
RyoriAs They Are Doing It4
ChaivaAs They Are Doing It18
LedasAs They Are Doing It5
LedasAs They Are Doing It; Super Saiyan250
LedasAs They Are Doing It20
RyoriEnd Of Scene2
LedasEnd Of Scene2
ChaivaEnd Of Scene5

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