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This page will list all of the organizations seen in KidVegeta's universe. The vast majority of these will be fan-made, though the various Planet Trade Organizations in canon will also be listed, since they are so integral to the universe.

A * at the end of a faction name indicates that that faction is not yet complete (most likely this is because the page hasn't been created yet).

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Planet Trade Organization FactionsEdit

Earth FactionsEdit

Other FactionsEdit

KidVegeta's factions
Planet Trade Organization factions King Cold's EmpireCooler's EmpireFrieza's EmpireNitro's EmpireYuki's EmpireArcterial's EmpireIcer's EmpireThe PlantainsAbo and Kado's Elite ForcePlanet Trade Organization Rebels
Earth factions Z FightersEarth's MilitaryCapsule Corp. Security ForceMakare's BandIboinoshishi SchoolRed Ribbon ArmyRed Ribbon Army RemnantNew Red Ribbon ArmySons of PiccoloRed Dragon BrotherhoodStarchasers
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