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Age 7Edit

Cade began training at the age of 7. Before his training, surprisingly, his power level was 200. After his training of a year with Goten at the age of 7, his power level raised to 250 at the minimum, and 300 at the highest.

Age 8Edit

Cade's training lasted for four years. During these years, his power level rose rapidly. At the age of 8, he trained with a kai for a while, and gained the advantage of Kaioken. During these times, before he could use Kaioken while training, his power level maximum raised to 550. In Kaioken x2, it was; 1100. He never went up to times 3 or anything above that.

Age 9Edit

Almost finished with his training, Cade's level rose up to 1000. In Kaioken, his power level was 2000.

As weak as this sounds, by this age, his power level was rapidly increasing, and he formed into Super Saiyan.

At this age in Super Saiyan, his power level was: 10000

Age 10Edit

Finished with his training, his power level right before January 1st was 8500.

In Kaioken x2 it was; 170000

After this, he achieved Super Saiyan 2 and 3 at the age of 11 and 12.

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