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Family Brother:Minza. Father:Utan race Saiyan.
Attacks Galik gun, Kaiken attack,wild senses, and destruction disc.


Leon is a six teen year old brother of Minza and is one of the strongest saiyans in his family. Even though he strong he has a strong rival named Goku the son of Goku jr. They both fused and has fought each other way to many times.
Leon's fusion.

Leon's fusion.

Later Leon faces Android Negative. Even though the battle went back and forth Android Negative managed to almost kill Leon. But Goku the 1st appeared and slammed Android into the ground without mercy. But Goku the 1st wasn't the only one there. Leon's brother Minza(also on dragonball fanon) also came to the rescue. After Android Negative's harsh punishment he teleported awy from the battle feild.
Goku the first detroying Android negative.

Goku the first detroying Android negative.

About two years later Leon began training traing with Vegeta. When Leon first met Vegeta he was scared, but relized he must learn from the master. Together Leon and Vegeta trained. They trained so much that Leon finally mastered attacks such as Galik gun and super explosive wave.

Son Goten AF normal by dragonball italia

Leon training with Vegeta.

When Vegeta thought he was ready he allowed Leon to bring an enemy to fight him. Sadly he didn't, until Broly came to fight for them.

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