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The legend of the super saiyan is believed to be one of the greatest legends of all time.and most importantly of all it dates back to the time of the first saiyans who lived on planet vegeta.The legend states that one has to be pure at heart and a very wity warrior who possess enoumous powers in order to under-go such a transformation.There are four leves to the super saiyan,each level with its own unquie look and was lead to believe that from the super saiyans one out stood all.and he himself becoming the legendary super saiyan who featured in three dragon ball z movies:Broli the legendary super saiyan,Broli the second coming and bio Broli.The first time a super saiyan was seen against freeza,the super saiyan two was discovered against cell,super saiyan three against buu.(by ASHLEN RAMLALL).

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