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character image
Dragonball World Tour Character
Vital statistics
Homeworld: Earth
Species: Human(part Saiyan)
Gender: Female
Birthdate: Age 988
Height: 4ft 7in
Weight: 83lbs
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue

Green(aggresive state)

Rank: Crane Hermit
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): Age 1000
Allies: Kira

Lanette is a main protagonist in Dragonball World Tour and a descendent of Launch.


Lanette's appearance is similar to her ancestor. She is well endowed 15-year-old young woman with long curly blue hair and blue eyes (which change green in her aggresive state), and is always seen wearing a red neck tie. Her outfit changes from time to time but most commonly consists of a white t-shirt, light blue short shorts, and yellow boots.


Like her ancestor, Lanette has split personalties. However, unlike Launch, she does not change personalities whenever she sneezes, but rather when the good one would normally get angered. Also, her aggresive side is aware of her good one's actions.



Dodon RayEdit

Dodon Ray (どどん波, Dodonpa; "Boom Wave") is one of the signiture moves of the Crane School. Lanette can also a variation of this move called the Dodon Barrage, which she uses similar to the way Launch uses a machine gun.

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