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Kyo defended New Planet Vegeta (Plant) from Coolers invasion. From that day, he was an honored Saiyan

Cooler Attacks.Edit

It was a fine day in Planet Vegeta. Kyo was training with a man. Out of the sky, a being flew to the ground. Kyo attacked it, attempting to defeat the being. However, Cooler was much stronger then him in his first form. He kicked him away, sending him back. Kyo went into Super Saiyan, and decided enough was enough. He launched out continous Kamehamehas, sending Cooler to the ground, defeated.


  • Kamehameha
  • Continous Kamehameha

Power levelEdit

Kyo, had a Power Level of 200 Thousand. However, at the time facing Cooler, his Power Level was lower then that, at 150 thousand. 

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