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Jamien Super Saiyan

Kumber as a Super Saiyan

Kumber (キュウリ ,lit. Kyūri) is a half-saiyan,half-tuffle who suddenly appear on earth in the GT Saga, The Legend of Ultimate Tuffle. He came to search for Goku Jr. (Despite Goku Jr's age is now 15), and avenge what his race has done to the Tuffles (Saiyan-Tuffle War). Not caring about his half-saiyan race, He begins to destroy the inhabitants of earth.

Technique and Special AbilitiesEdit


Special Tuffle Ray

How Special Tuffle Ray works

  • Flight - The ability to fly using Ki.
  • Ki Blast - The ability to blast Ki as an Energy Wave.
  • Tuffle Rush (ツフル人ラッシュ lit. Tsufuru-jin rasshu)- First, he blast the opponent with a Ki Blast, then he rushes his attack (Kick and Punch), and last, he takes his tuffle gun and shoots all of it's bullets. This attack could take a big damage.
  • Special Tuffle Ray (特別ツフル人レイ lit. Tokubetsu tsufuru-jin rei) - A big blast of ray that could take the opponent much damage and make him/her fly away.
  • 10x Special Tuffle Ray (十倍特別ツフル人レイ lit. Juu-bai Tokubetsu tsufuru-jin rei) - Same as the Special Tuffle Ray, but 10x more powerful.
  • Is that all? How embarrassing! (ていることはすべてのですか?恥ずかしい方法! lit. Te iru koto wa subete nodesu ka? Hazukashī hōhō!) - He uses this when fighting Goku Junior. He blast a bunch of Blast rays then puts on a combo rush and pushes his power to the max. Then, he puts his hand on the opponent's face and says, "Is that all? How Embarrassing! I thought the saiyans are a truly warrior race!" and blast the ray as hard as he can.
  • Stop this nonsense! (このナンセンスを停止します! lit. Kono nansensu o teishi shimasu!) - He says "C'mon, stop this nonsense and make this fun!". Then he takes an Instant Transmission to somewhere to make the opponent inadvertent (Unguarded). Then he suddenly came to the back of the opponent and shoots a Ray Cannon.


  • Super Saiyan - He transform into a super saiyan for the first time during his battle on Earth.


  • His face and eye has a scar since he lost his left eye.
  • His mother is a tuffle while his father is a saiyan, that'll explain how his half-saiyan half-tuffle race is.
  • His Super Saiyan Form is permanent.
  • His name, 'Kumber' is a pun on 'Cucumber'.
  • His power level is 1 Milion!

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