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Krudule appears as a sub villain for DBXT. He is the General of Ultimos.


Krudule was born in Planet Vegeta, 5 years before Frieza destroyed it. He was born with a power level of 100,000. King Vegeta knew that he could not kill him so he employed Krudule as an Elite Saiyan Warrior when he was just 4 years old. When he became 5, he was 3 times stronger than he was when he was just a baby. When Frieza attacked Planet Vegeta, Krudule immediately escaped moments before the destruction in a Saiyan Space pod. He trained in a distant planet, alone and when Goku destroyed Frieza, he travelled to a planet named Garitsu and he heard of the rumours about Ultimos. Krudule set his Saiyan Space Pod to go to Zenya the Planet where Ultimos was kept. When Goku and the others defeated Android Z, he freed Ultimos. By the time he freed Ultimos, he was as powerful as Super Saiyan 4 in his base form. It is unknown who his father is.


Krudule wears a Saiyan Armour and has a red cape. His armor is also red in colour. He has spiky black hair and a red glass scouter. This scouter unlike the Saiyan ones are much more advanced and can measure power levels for people who are even Super Saiyan 5s.


Base - Krudule is most noticeable in this state. He has black hair and wears an armor.

Great Ape - Being a Saiyan and having a tail allows Krudule to become an ape in the presence of Blutz Rays. This is his least used transformation in battles. He is able to control himself as a Great Ape and he is not weakened by pulling his tail.

Negative Mode - He has blue hair and his armor and scouter disappears. He gets a jacket and his power multiplies twenty fold. He is roughly equal to a Super Saiyan 6 in this form. He is uncontrollable is this form and pure evil.


Ki Blast - The most basic wave of Ki.

Flight - The ability to fly.

Cosmic Punch - Delivers a powerful punch to the enemy.

Energy Cannon - Fires a yellow ray of energy at the enemy.

Mega Blast - Fires an array of energy blasts at the opponent and delivers a powerful Super Energy Blast, damaging the opponent badly and severing it.

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