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Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth 293 Before Age
Date of death 259 Before Age (revived on May 18, 787 Age)
Height 6'4" (193cm)
Weight 198 pounds (87kg)
  • Planet Sadla (former)
  • Demon Realm (current)
  • Family
  • Lima (mother)
  • Kale (former fianceé)
  • Kobi (コビ, Kōbi) was a Saiyan born on Planet Sadla shortly before its destruction. Due to his transformation into a Super Saiyan, he has since become a significant figure in Saiyan folklore, and is considered one of the most powerful warriors in the history of Universe 7's North Quadrant by the North King Kai.


    Just as the widespread legend of the Super Saiyan implies, Kobi was born roughly one thousand years before the destruction of Planet Vegeta, and, by extension, around one thousand years before the emergence of the first Super Saiyan to succeed him. Conflicting reports about his identity, the circumstances of his ascension, and the history of Planet Sadla have all contributed to Kobi's virtual historic anonymity, something that eventually brought both his existence and the existence of the Super Saiyan transformation itself into question until Son Gokū rediscovered the form in 762 Age.

    By this point, however, Kobi himself had become a distant memory to most of Universe 7's inhabitants, something exacerbated by how scarce information about his identity was to begin with. The only people left who know of his existence and his importance are those tasked with watching over the North Quadrant of Universe 7, namely people like Zuno , King Yemma, and the North King Kai. Despite his lack of presence in recorded history, Kobi's actions prior to his death had a significant impact on the events that followed it, with his greatest historic contribution being introducing a number of species and cultures to the concept of a Super Saiyan, both directly and indirectly. Those most heavily shaken by his transformation were the rest of his Saiyan kin and the members of the early Planet Trade Organization, though Kobi's influence did reach a handful of other groups beyond them. The Namekians, for example, despite having little to no recorded interactions with the Saiyans, know of the lengendary "Super Saiyan" and his supposed power.

    Most who knew Kobi directly were killed in the events leading to Planet Sadla's destruction, which further contributed to Kobi's lack of any historic presence. The only living people to have interacted with him are a select few residents of the Demon Realm, and by the time he ended up there, even the North Kai was under the assumption that Kobi was already dead.


    Though Kobi is a Saiyan, he has quite a thin figure when compared to most of his kin, due in large part to the muscular dystrophy he developed shortly after his birth. The stunted muscle growth has made him far more slim and physically fragile than many other members of his species, though he is still incredibly well-built compared to a typical non Saiyan warrior. Though this condition was eventually cured some time after Kobi's arrival in the Demon Realm, his muscle mass did not increase by much.

    In his base form, Kobi has the same black hair and pupils as the rest of his species, and thanks to his Saiyan genes, shows little to no signs of age even when nearing his thirties. Initially after transforming into a Super Saiyan, Kobi's hair and tail become a bright blonde while his eyes become teal, though his eventual mastery of the transformation caused its appearance to shift subtly over time. His hair and tail now shine a bright white and his eyes become crimson instead of teal. Additionally, Kobi's total control over Super Saiyan has made maintaining it effectively second-nature, meaning that this white-haired state is what most people will encounter him in.

    Kobi's attire consists of a thin-layered martial arts robe laid over a fishnet armor mesh, tied together by a belt of white cloth at the waist. Additionally, he wears short black boots with white soles and two black Potara Earrings, one on each ear, clearly displaying his ties with the Makaioshin to those who recognize the earrings' color scheme.


    Kobi is often very quiet and stoic, and rarely finds an opportunity to speak that he deems worth taking. When he does speak, he is typically deliberate and straightforward, and only says as much as he feels he needs to in any given situation. This also holds true when he is in the company of friends, family, and allies — even his fianceé has noted that she struggles to get him to say more than a few words at a time. Despite his silent nature, Kobi is very expressive, and typically vividly communicates his feelings to whoever he is interacting with through his facial expressions alone. On the surface, he is incredibly easy to read, though this is something he is self-aware of and that he has never made any effort to change. As he has little interest in talking, many people have noted that, on occasion, Kobi has a tendency to speak with a thin layer of irony and sarcasm, though before his transformation into a Super Saiyan, he always did so in a friendly manner, and never at the expense of anyone else.

    On that note, it is worth keeping in mind that Kobi has two similar yet clearly distinct personalities as a result of his ability to transform into a Super Saiyan. Before his transformation, Kobi was incredibly humble and displayed few signs of confidence, and this is where his silent tendencies initially stemmed from. Even during his early childhood, he had numerous, very apparent insecurities rooted in various aspects of his life, such as the weakness caused by his muscular dystrophy and his lack of a father, (this in particular worried Kobi, as his mother never mentioned his father unless she was asked about him. Her responses were usually cryptic, but seemed to imply that his father had cut ties with her shortly after Kobi's birth, something he felt responsible for and that he was afraid his mother held against him) and he made a habit of keeping things of this nature to himself at his own expense. As a matter of fact, these insecurities, combined with the titanic amount of respect Kobi had for his mother kept him from openly speaking to her altogether, simply out of fear that he may annoy her. His hesitance to speak persisted throughout his childhood, even despite his mother's eventual, frequent insistence that she loved her son with all of her heart. Though these particular worries of his eventually faded, Kobi retained his humbility as he grew into adolescence, due in large part to the lack of any social interaction in his early life. Though he discovered that he was well-liked by many of his peers, he rarely spoke unless spoken to and quickly established this when interacting with anyone. The frequent and bold body language he'd developed also remained a core aspect of how he communicated with others. Although by this point in his life he was more than capable of concealing his thoughts and emotions, he frequently chose not to in order to avoid the need to speak. His silent nature had been effectively solidified by the time he'd aged into his late teens, and was even made more prominent by the cynicism he'd developed by this point in his life. The naiveté and optimism he had as a child were quickly eroded by the harsh circumstances of the war Planet Sadla had been absorbed into, and Kobi eventually developed the sarcastic tendencies he displayed and dry sense of humor in an effort to cope with the bleak scenarios he often found himself dealing with.

    Despite all of this, Kobi never allowed the negativity he faced to detract from his personality. He rarely, if ever, took out his frustration on others, and typically remained calm in any and all situations he found himself in. Although a handful of Kobi's peers interpreted his silence as cold, distant, and even hostile at worst, he never intended his introverted nature to be seen this way. If anything, Kobi's silence was a gesture of his respect for those around him, as he didn't want to waste anyone's time with pointless small talk since he never thought he was particularly good at it anyway. Even his occasional sarcastic quips were always intended to be harmless, no matter the circumstances or the target of the sarcasm. Kobi never needlessly disrespected or insulted anyone out of spite, arrogance, or frustration, regardless of whether they were a friend, an ally, or an enemy, and usually only verbally retaliated to callousness or contempt if it was directed at his fianceé and his mother. Though he was by no means selfless or saint-like, Kobi was, at his core, compassionate and empathetic, and typically took any opportunities to help someone in need when they were presented to him. He rarely, if at all, did anything to compromise his morals and beliefs, though this is due in large part to the immense, innate pride he is inevitably afflcted with as a Saiyan. He refused to use any tactics he viewed as cheap or unfair in battle or conflict, and consistently made a concentrated effort to spare the lives of any of his enemies during the Planet Sadla war. And while the culture of Planet Sadla was nowhere near as barbaric or brutish as that of Planet Vegeta, many of Kobi's peers criticized his merciful, soft approach to combat, though this is criticism he tended to disregard completely. Though Kobi's stubborn, uncompromising desire to uphold his own beliefs is a good thing in many ways, it has obviously shown itself to be a double-edged sword on numerous occasions. Kobi has disobeyed a handful of crucial orders simply on principle, and while this has ended well on a couple of occasions, many of these instances led to numerous setbacks for Planet Sadla and one nearly cost the planet the war. Kobi has nearly gotten himself killed many times due to his constant refusal to even briefly set his own beliefs aside, though he has never consciously placed any of his comrades in danger for the sake of keeping his morals intact. 

    Kobi is extraordinarily intelligent, something that nearly all who know him have claimed unanimously. Even as a child, he was sharper, more keen, and more perceptive than his mother and most of his seniors, and while his quiet nature kept him from displaying this very often, in any rare occasions where he did have the courage to speak up, most who saw the extent of his insight and anayltical skills were left dumbfounded. By the time he was nearing adulthood, any of his close friends considered him a once-in-a-lifetime genius, and even the North King Kai claims that listening to Kobi speak made him feel comparitively stupid. In combat, his intelligence makes him incredibly difficult to fight against, especially for anyone without readily available intelligence on him. The dossiers left by the early Planet Trade Organization describe Kobi's talent for tactics as "enough to outsmart a platoon of troops trained specifically to defeat him," and further explain "Kobi can and will find any weaknesses in the way any opponent fights, and will go to any lengths necessary to find at least one. From there he will search for more, which he will find without a doubt, until he has compiled a laundry list of ways to defeat his enemy that he will thereafter employ rapidfire until the target has been so utterly overwhelmed that they have no conceivable way of producing a counterattack. This can take him anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours, and no matter how long it takes, rest assured he has the patience and the smarts to pinpoint his enemies' most critical flaws. And if he can't find any weaknesses, he will create one. If he can't create one, he will overwhelm you with brute force. And if he can't overwhelm you with brute force, rest assured he will find another way to outsmart you. If you encounter him alone, you are forbidden from engaging him until you have been provided with backup. Even then, caution is strongly advised when approaching this target."

    As a Super Saiyan, Kobi retains all of the traits listed above, but each aspect of his personality now has a completely different context. As a whole, he is far more bold and aggressive after transforming, but the frame of his personality remains the same. His silence now comes off as hostile, as though his refusal to speak is out of anger or spite. He begins to openly direct his sarcasm at his enemies, but only makes quips on occasion as he would before his transformation. Kobi's blunt responses seem colder and more sharp, and his stubborn unwillingness to compromise his morality evolves into a sense of duty to punish those he feels are evil, as made evident by his tireless pursuit of any major figures involved in starting the war Sadla was involved in, all of whom he eventually either killed or left unable to fight. This personality is strikingly similar to the one displayed by Goku after he first became a Super Saiyan during the battle on Namek, something even noted by the North King Kai when he recounts the tale of the Super Saiyan to Goku. Like Goku, Kobi also becomes far more shrewd in combat after first transforming — he is even more capable of spotting his enemies' weaknesses than before, and capitalizes on these opportunities much more frequently after seeing them. As his inhibitions and lack of confidence nearly vanish after his initial transformation, Kobi becomes much less reserved in combat than he was prior to it, leading him to overwhelm his opponents even more quickly than before.



    Kobi was the child of Lima and his unnamed father, born on Planet Sadla in 293 Before Age shortly before its widespread economic collapse. Though he and his mother spent the first few years of his life living in poverty and solitude, the two eventually became a part of a war effort soon after Lima learned of the war between Planet Sadla and the newly formed Planet Trade Organization.


    Kobi was born to an upper class family in a suburban subsect of Slavia, one of the largest and most densely populated cities on Planet Sadla. Though both of his parents were incredibly young, (he never learned his father's age, but Lima implies Kobi's father was the same age as she was, which would have made both of them 19 at the time of Kobi's birth) they were surprisingly wealthy thanks to their talent for combat. Kobi's father worked as a mercenary for many of the planets the Saiyans had allied themselves with, and his mother worked as a bodyguard for important political figures during interplanetary travel. However, despite both of his parents' seemingly good genes, they were devastated to hear that their son had been born with a severe case of muscular dystrophy, something that doctors insisted would make it next to impossible for Kobi to pursue a life of combat. Lima was baffled by this, as neither she nor Kobi's father had seen any cases of muscular dystrophy in their respective familes, and after mentioning this to her doctor she was quickly informed that it was linked to a recessive X chromosome she was a carrier of.

    Though she knew she had no control over it, Lima felt a heavy sense of responsibility for this, and after talking things over with Kobi's father, decided that she would at least temporarily retire from work to focus on raising their son and attempt to help him overcome these problems. About six months after his birth, however, rumors began to circulate that a powerful group known as the Planet Trade Organization had been invading and conquering planets in nearby sections of the galaxy, and shortly thereafter, news surfaced that the same group had taken over one of Planet Sadla's most prominent trade partners, Planet Bobbla.

    The Planet Trade immediately placed an embargo on goods being exported from the planet, meaning that Sadla and all of the other planets that had been a part of Planet Bobbla's trade network were no longer able to exchange goods with one of their most important trade partners. Though many people were baffled by the Planet Trade's decision, certain that it would surely end up hurting them, some hypothesized that this was the first step in an intentional effort to cripple the nearby trade market, and cause the economies of affected planets to tank as a result. This theory was effectively solidified when the Planet Trade Organization gained control of another of Planet Sadla's important trade allies, Planet Libb, just one month later and without a declaration of war. It had become apparent to all following interplanetary politics that the Planet Trade was attempting to gradually lead targeted civilizations into an economic crisis, and use the shattered economies of these planets as leverage to coerce them into pledging allegiance to the Planet Trade.

    By the time the group had taken over a handful of nearby planets, Sadla's economy had already started to plummet. Kobi's parents were immediately affected, and spiralled into poverty due to a lack of clients and a spike in the prices of food and other goods. Though both of them could see exactly what the Planet Trade was trying to do, when they received news that the same group was offering work to the inhabitants of Planet Sadla — including mercenary work and positions for experienced bodyguards — Kobi's father jumped at the opportunity. The perks included the opportunity to live in the barracks aboard many of the Planet Trade's starships, with any food and amenities paid for by the organization up-front. His father was, understandably, ecstatic to hear the news. Lima, on the other hand, seemed hesitant to act on the offer at first. Given the circumstances, it was obvious that they were trying to annex the Saiyans into their workforce through financial extortion, meaning there was a strong possibility that the type of work these people were offering wasn’t the sort they expected anyone to take if they had any alternatives. She feared that the two might face harsher-than-normal working conditions for a fraction of the pay they were used to, and treated the idea of living with the people they were working for with extreme skepticism. Nonetheless, she eventually chose to accept their offer due to the lack of any alternatives, and took Kobi with her when she and his father boarded the ship they'd be starting their new life on.

    Early LifeEdit

    During the rest of his time as an infant, Kobi was kept within the confines of an interspecies daycare aboard a Planet Trade supercruiser known as The Glacier. Here he spent most of his time inside of a crib, sleeping and occasionally eating whenever a meal was brought to him. As he began his transition into a toddler, Kobi was brought out of the day care center and examined by Hiemal, an artificial intelligence unit that specialized in determining a child’s potential value as a worker in addition to the best possible method of causing this potential to surface. To the surprise of both of his parents, Hiemal reported that it seemed Kobi had an inborn talent for the manipulation of his ki, something that could easily serve to offset his muscular dystrophy if he chose to capitalize on it. Hiemal’s full report listed many other traits that made Kobi a particularly special child, such as his high estimated IQ and a potential knack for leadership. As these traits were clearly those possessed by a warrior, the staff at the child care center had the young Kobi admitted to the ship’s training center for toddlers and prepubescent children — albeit, without the consent of his parents. There, he began to take part in conditioning and image training that would serve as a foundation for the physical training he was expected to take part in as soon as he grew old enough to speak.

    Sometime before he began his real training, he and a large chunk of the rest of the Saiyans currently residing aboard The Glacier were gathered for a sudden, crucial mission that the ship did not currently possess the manpower to carry out. They were formed into a small strike team ordered to attack a planet that was, conveniently, nearing the end of its lunar cycle, which meant that the Saiyans gathered together would be able to transform into Great Apes and effectively attack the planet with ten times their strength in numbers. Kobi was only made a part of the team due to his anticipated transformation into a Great Ape and the strenuous circumstances the ship had to execute the mission under. Though Kobi’s father didn’t seem to care, his mother strongly opposed his inclusion in the mission, believing that it was practically inviting disaster. Still, she begrudgingly agreed, as it seemed she had no say in the matter. However, she insisted that a search team be sent to the planet they were attacking if Kobi ended up getting separated or lost, and this was a request her superiors were willing to humor.

    The Saiyans were split into three squads of six and deployed aboard three respective, small battle cruisers, all of which were ordered to stay close together. For initially unknown reasons, around two-thirds of the way to their destination, the ships were intercepted by a titanic, alien battleship that was reportedly completely unrelated to the mission at hand. Immediately after the confrontation, the ships were fired on by what they assumed were the cannons the battleship was armed with, but were in truth extraordinarily powerful members of a group opposing Blizzard, the emperor of the Planet Trade Organization at the time. The ship carrying Kobi’s father was immediately destroyed by a barrage of ki waves, while the cruiser Kobi and his mother were aboard was slowly ripped apart by a smaller, single energy column. In the time it took for the ship to explode, most of the Saiyans onboard managed to reach the escape pods, Kobi and Lima included, which were all set to head towards the planet the cruiser had been flying overhead at the time of its destruction. Two were stuck onboard the ship — its pilot and one Saiyan — and subsequently killed, and three more Saiyans were killed in the explosions of their respective escape pods. To their knowledge, Kobi and Lima were the only survivors of the attack, and were, at the very least, the only ones aboard any of the three ships to have landed on the planet they did.

    After scouting the planet, Lima realized that there were no signs of civilization present and that the only sentients on its surface were all wild animals. Though she tried using any pieces of equipment she could think of to contact someone from the Planet Trade, she was unsuccessful due to the trauma all of her electronics had sustained during the attack on the cruisers. It didn't take long for her to realize she and Kobi would be trapped on the surface of this planet until they were found by a search party, and since there was no telling how long it would take for that to happen, she decided to get comfortable and do her best to survive outside of civilization. As time passed, Lima became increasingly efficient at hunting the planet's wildlife, and continued to build various shelters scattered across the planet's surface that she and her son would migrate between in order to remain hidden. Before long, as Kobi began learning how to walk and how to speak, she started to teach him basic combat and survival skills of his own, all while keeping in mind what she'd learned from Hiemal aboard The Glacier. She focused on teaching her son to control his ki above all else, which, as Hiemal had seemed to imply, paid off tremendously, and made Kobi into an effective hunter and a great fighter despite the problems caused by his muscular dystrophy. He began to use his ki to amplify his physical abilities to nearly completely offset the hurdles presented by his condition, allowing him to grow his muscles to a point where they were at least functional.

    As he continued to grow, however, his mother became increasingly worried about their odds of being found by the Planet Trade. As weeks became months and months became years, it started to seem progressively less likely that the two would ever escape their present lifestyle, seeing as she was certain they were going to be found within the first few weeks of their disappearance. Whether it was because it was assumed they were killed, the Planet Trade simply didn't care, or the fact that no one knew where to look, it looked like no one was coming to rescue them, and that the two would be living out the rest of their days in solitude on the surface of this foreign world. Though Kobi had no basis of comparison for their lifestyle and thusly didn't mind it, Lima gradually sunk into a deep depression due to a handful of causes, primarily due to how badly she missed her old way of life and the indescribable amount of guilt she felt for forcing her son to live in such harsh, primitive conditions. Despite the fact that Kobi was content with his current life, he would occasionally ask his mother questions that made her feel terrible, such as why there were no other people like them in the world, or why they were wearing such weird clothes (read: Planet Trade armor) compared to all of the planet's native species. Because of how bad her son's naïveté and optimism made her feel, Lima's responses were typically brief, but they always gave him an idea of the lifestyle he was missing out on. Though he knew nothing of the life he could have had, Kobi was enticed by the supposed beauty of the cities and spaceships his mother described to him, and was a little saddened that he hadn't gotten to know what life within them had been like.

    Unlike his mother, though, Kobi was able to look past his desire to return to a life within civilization, and for the most part was able to appreciate his current way of life for what it was. He was frequently a source of positivity for her, and his optimistic attitude and cheery personality strengthened Lima's attachment to her son more than she could describe. Though she had always been committed to raising her child, the fact that he consistently and unwittingly managed to be a source of happiness for her convinced her that she couldn't live without him, and drove away any second thoughts she may have still had about keeping him safe. She eventually began to feel as though she owed her son something in return, and decided to adopt an optimistic attitude of her own to keep him from growing discouraged.

    Obviously, Kobi's optimism was not enough to completely distract him from the problems he and his mother faced on a regular basis. The areas the two were consistently forced to venture into just to acquire food and other basic needs were often brutal, and Kobi's life was frequently placed in severe danger as a result. There were many times he found himself just moments from being murdered at the hands of another creature, and his mother was nearly killed many times when trying to save him. It seemed Saiyans did not have a substantial genetic advantage over this planet's indigenous feral creatures, — at least, not a physical one — as centuries of being hunted by species just as ferocious had forced many of them to evolve and adapt. Most of the animals that could actually be eaten were supernaturally ferocious, and could without a doubt wipe out all wildlife on a planet like Earth without a challenge. Some of them even had a primitive understanding of how to use ki, and so it stands to reason that large groups of these creatures could pose a challenge to a seasoned Saiyan warrior.

    This in and of itself was not a major problem. As a Saiyan, Kobi enjoyed combat and was biologically driven to pursue it, so a life of fighting against insanely strong wild animals should have been fulfilling. The issues that Kobi had with his way of life were indirect consequences of it, not with the danger or risk associated with the lifestyle itself. Many of the creatures he saw his mother kill in cold blood were, despite how fearsome they themselves were, terrified by the sight of Lima's approach. He figured most of these animals must have developed an inherent fear of the two Saiyans due to their sapience, intellect, and finesse with ki, and it was heartbreaking for him to see these creatures killed out of necessity when they hadn't done anything to deserve it. The two were rarely attacked by any creatures seeking to feed on them, as those who still walked the planet knew that no Saiyan was worth killing due to the risk associated with challenging them. None of the animals ever actually wanted to fight, so Kobi never felt a sense of fulfillment after an encounter with any. As a matter of fact, some of them responded purely in self defense, and would exclusively target Lima if Kobi did not assist her in attacking them. One group of animals even allowed Kobi to escape with his mother solely thanks to his pleas to do so and his hesitation to attack them, an event that resonated with him throughout his life and led him to frequently wonder about the nature of right and wrong.

    This was all further compounded by the fact that he never actually did any of the work himself, as his muscular dystrophy initially left him far too weak to challenge any of the predators he and his mother came across. He quickly began to feel like a burden, especially in light of her occasionally harsh, stress-induced responses to some of the questions he asked her. This did not negatively affect their relationship by any means, as Kobi felt a titanic amount of respect, love, and gratitude for Lima, but it did slowly eat away at his self-confidence and helped shape him into the introvert he would eventually become. These insecurities also led him to blame himself when Lima finally succumbed to the effects of the stress and depression she had been facing; both of these had caused her immune system to weaken over time, leaving her unable to fend off the severe case of tuberculosis she became afflicted with in the final years of her life. When she inevitably died due to the effects of the disease, Kobi not only felt partially responsible, but was additionally left to face the planet's brutal conditions by himself. Both of these things, combined with his mourning of his mother's passing, gradually began to make Kobi into a bitter and cynical child, though a decent amount of his childish naïveté still remained intact. However, his cynicism eroded a bit when he was rescued by a small Saiyan search team composed of members of the Planet Sadla Theta θ Corps, claiming that they'd come to the planet in search of his mother.

    Though he was only seven years old at the time of his rescue, Kobi was able to understand the situation that had brought his rescuers to him, at least on a basic level. They explained to him that Planet Sadla (which he recognized as his home thanks to conversations with his mother) was now in the middle of a war with the Planet Trade Organization due to the Saiyans' unwillingness to give its emperor control over their home, and that they were one of many groups of Saiyans who were tasked with finding other, noteworthy, missing members of their species for the sake of strengthening Sadla's military. They had initially been sent after Lima thanks to her reputation as an exceptional bodyguard, and had been led across a series of planets until their equipment notified them of a sizeable, nearby source of ki, and they were finally led to where the two had crash-landed. Though they had been looking for Kobi's mother, they were more than happy to take him back to Planet Sadla and have him enlisted as a part of its military force. Since Kobi had no real reason to object, he agreed, and was sent to the Slavia barracks to begin his combat training. However, as the ship he was rescued with began to re-enter Sadla's atmosphere, Kobi's attention was drawn to the surface of the planet below, where hundreds of Saiyan soldiers in the midst of combat against the forces of the Planet Trade. By the time he was too far away to make out the details of the battle, he had already seen dozens of soldiers on both sides killed in cold blood, a sight that made his stomach churn and one he tried desperately to forget.

    Military Training on Planet SadlaEdit

    It was incredibly common for Saiyan children to begin military training at a young age, so Kobi was not a special case. If anything, he was a little old to have just begun learning to fight, but this wasn't a significant problem by any stretch of the imagination. The image training he'd received from the Planet Trade along with the survival skills he'd learned from the constant threat of death on a foreign planet had given him a significant advantage over his peers, even despite the problems caused by his muscular dystrophy. Although his quiet nature and abnormally frail figure initially made him an outcast among his classmates, Kobi's intelligence and experience soon became apparent to those around him as he began to excel in many of the classes he took. He was by no means the undisputed best among his peers, but he was clearly one of the more talented members of his age group. Eventually, many of his classmates began to admire him, and any bullying he had experienced during the first few days of his training came to an end as most who knew him developed a pretty strong sense of respect for him.

    Many of Kobi's peers soon began to reach out to him, and while he never responded with hostility, he chose to remain distant from most of the people he met. He rarely approached others, opting to observe others from a distance over directly interacting with them. This reluctance to socialize stemmed from many things, but one of the factors that contributed the most heavily was the difficulty Kobi had developing a personal moral compass. In his blood was an inherent lust for battle, but in his heart was a vitriolic hatred of conflict and murder. Months — and eventually, even years — of training did nothing to erase what he'd seen from his memory. The sight of such excessive brutality in such a short period of time, all for what amounted to practically nothing, was something that haunted him. Furthermore, the relative luxury of life within the barracks of Slavia put into perspective just how terrible his childhood had been, and while the poor quality of his early life was something that no longer personally bothered him, it made Kobi sick to think that there were probably other children suffering through the same thing as he had, and that there were parents suffering through the same things as his mother had, all thanks to war and conflict.

    Perhaps it was due to a difference in perspective, but no one Kobi came across seemed even the least bit hesitant to jump into the middle of a war after they finished their training. Some children boasted about the accomplishments of their parents, others spoke of how excited they were to wipe the floor with the soldiers of the Planet Trade, and a few even boasted about having already killed at some point in their lives. But not a single person seemed to have any second thoughts about what they were doing. This didn't cause him to look down on his peers — he just respectfully disagreed with most of them — but his dedication to upholding his own personal beliefs drove him away from them. He feared that interacting with these people would erode his morals over time, and decided that it wasn't worth the risk.

    This was one of the best decisions Kobi could have made as a soldier. He wasn't cognisant of it, but his lack of a social life kept him focused solely on the goal presented to him by his superiors — get stronger. Unlike many of his classmates, Kobi spent little time forming bonds with others, choosing instead to dedicate his time towards becoming more powerful and becoming a more skilled fighter. For a while, he had no idea what he planned on using his talents for combat for, and only spent his time training because it was the only thing that made him feel any sense of fulfillment or progress. Eventually he decided that he would use his power in the pursuit of peace — what that meant, he wasn't quite sure at the time  something that strengthened his determination and sped up his progress by a noteworthy amount.

    Eventually, even Kobi's instructors took note of his fierce determination to better himself. Though he was typically reserved and laid back in a social setting, the boy was the exact opposite in a competitive one. He seldom held back in sparring sessions — whether he was fighting other students or his own teachers — and always exuded an aura of authority and commitment when training and fighting with others. Though he was an incredibly patient child, he quickly grew frustrated and annoyed with himself when he discovered a goal of his was beyond his present capabilities, and worked tirelessly to accomplish whatever it was he was trying to do. He was one of three members in the present class of the academy to boast an undefeated sparring record, and even pressed some of his teachers to go all out against him just to keep from losing.

    Kobi's natural talent and constant desire to improve allowed him to excel through basic training at an alarming speed. During his time at boot camp, he developed his skills with ki to an unprecedented degree, to such a wild extent that he even managed to overcome his muscular dystrophy altogether by using ki to enhance his muscles during physical workouts — though he was still rather thin compared to most of his classmates. By the time he graduated, he had become more proficient with energy manipulation than many adult Saiyan soldiers, and was thusly deployed as part of the Planet Sadla Epsilon ε Corps, a subsect of the military that specialized in the manipulation of ki and other energy sources.

    Life as a SoldierEdit

    Kobi was deployed on his ninth birthday and given the rank of Corporal immediately. He was not the only person of his age to enter the military, nor was he the only one to be given a rank above private upon deployment. As a matter of fact, found himself outranked by many others who were younger than him, though this did not bother nor surprise him — all it did was further motivate him to better himself. As a corporal, Kobi was placed in charge of a four man fireteam consiting of he and three graduates from academies based in other Sadla cities, all of whom were nearly as talented as he was. The children were all considered part of an elite fireteam, and despite their age, were expected to handle difficult and demanding missions thanks to their exceptional talent.

    The first of these missions involved the retrieval of a Saiyan thought to have been captured and taken as a prisoner of war by the Planet Trade Organization, before she was intercepted and stolen by a group of interplanetary bandits believed to be slave traders. As she was an important, high priority target, any hostile activity involving her had been monitored by one of Sadla's intelligence units, which meant that Kobi and his fireteam were given access to the location of the base their target was being transported to along with dossiers of any significant enemies they may encounter there. Thanks to the intelligence they received beforehand, the team of Saiyans were able to execute their mission with little difficulty, though it spawned the first of many disagreements Kobi would take part in during his time as a soldier. As the leader of his fireteam, he enforced a strict 'no-kill' policy on the mission, something all three of the privates under his command objected to. This was a policy he would continue to abide by throughout the entirety of the war, and one that he was frequently forced to face the consequences of. Still, this first mission of his went relatively well, and, despite the many arguments he had with his teammates, was a complete success. The four managed to retrieve the girl they were after and return her to Planet Sadla without being followed, which left a good first impression on those closely watching Kobi from afar.

    As the leader of the fireteam that carried out the mission, Kobi was tasked with learning everything that had happened to their target during her time as a prisoner. He was warned that the task may prove to be a decent bit more difficult than expected, as the girl in question was incredibly shy and often had a hard time putting her thoughts into words. To circumvent this, Kobi made an effort to befriend this girl before he began gathering information from her, and discovered that they had quite a lot in common with one another. Her name was Kale, and she was the same age as he was — as a matter of fact, their birthdays were only one week apart. Like Kobi, Kale had lived her life as the child of a single parent, and, like him, she was now an orphan, as the last of her parents was killed just before she was captured.

    The most interesting thing Kobi learned about Kale was that she had the unique ability to predict the future, though she was unaware how she ended up with it. This was new information to him, and something he was surprised he hadn't learned from his superiors when he was tasked with capturing her in the first place. Kobi knew without a doubt that this was why Planet Sadla considered Kale such a valuable asset, especially when considering many of the other things he would come to learn about her. Kale was born with a disability of her own — Type-1 Acephala Syndrome. As a result, Kale was not very combat-inclined, and accomplished little whenever sent into battle, meaning all of her importance lied in her power to predict future events, which Kobi eventually learned was due to a childhood encounter she had with a Kanassan. Since the ability was a gift and not something she was born with, Kale had little control over what events she could foresee and when her visions would occur, something he decided he would work to help her overcome whenever possible. Though Kobi grew fond of her, their interactions became limited when Kale returned to active duty as a member of the Planet Sadla Mu μ Corps. He was given special permission to train with her in between missions in hopes of making her into a proper warrior, but spent most of his time carrying out his duties as a soldier.

    The rest of the missions he received during his time as a member of the Epsilon ε Corps were of a similar nature, though as he grew older and his powers developed the tasks he received gradually became more demanding. As the missions he received became more difficult, Kobi gained more recognition from his superiors and continued to rank up due to his excellent performance. As he aged into adolescence, he found himself with a handful of medals and accolades, and was eventually made into the captain of the Epsilon ε Corps Eleventh Company, placing him in command of 2100 of his own troops. During the time between his initial deployment and his promotion to captain, Kobi carried out dozens of missions, both on his own and as part of a team. Though he made a name for himself by consistently disobeying key orders and frequently starting arguments with comrades in the midst of important missions, Kobi was far more well-known for his exceptional performance on duty and even caught the attention of his enemies in the Planet Trade Organization. His exploits eventually became so great that he was transferred from the Epsilon ε Corps to the Planet Sadla Omega Ω Corps, a subsect of the planet's military composed of its most elite warriors, and the same branch of the military his mother would have been serving as a part of. Eventually, his training with Kale paid off for her as well, as she was transferred along with him and promoted to Lieutenant Colonel thanks to her talent for large-scale tactics and her refined abilities with divining future events. As they were given the same room in the barracks they were transferred to, what had started as a friendship between the two of them eventually blossomed into a romance, though it was one they had little time for due to their duties as soldiers. Still, the romance remained strong, as the two even ended up becoming engaged at some point in their late teens.

    Civil WarEdit

    Kobi was redeployed as a member of the Omega Corps on his sixteenth birthday, one week after his transfer. He was shocked to learn that during his absence, Sadla had suffered a critical loss, one that nearly crippled its military and left them struggling to survive against the ever-growing empire of the Planet Trade Organization. The loss had been so bad, in fact, that it crushed the spirit of many of those who had survived through the war for this long, causing a large portion of the military to splinter off and pledge allegiance to the Planet Trade, something that wasn't helped by the fact that, thanks to the work it had been offering years earlier, quite a few Saiyans were already working as a part of the Planet Trade Organization's military. In simpler terms, Kobi had returned to a full blown civil war between the dwindling but still larger forces of Planet Sadla, and the smaller but ever-growing confederate resistance backed by the power, technology, and resources of the Planet Trade Organization. Those who still hoped to avoid Planet Sadla's annexation slowly began fighting a losing battle, as the combined forces of their Saiyan brethren and the soldiers of the Planet Trade began to overwhelm them over time.

    The following years were by far the bleakest time of Kobi's life. As a key member of the war effort, he was consistently faced with horrific situations and impossible decisions, causing the optimism he'd retained throughout his life to gradually fade away. In need of someone to comfort him, Kobi rapidly grew closer to Kale and vice-versa - the two frequently spent their sparse free time by themselves, isolated in the company of one another. Their developing relationship did nothing to hinder their respective abilities to contribute throughout the war, however; Kobi was tasked with a large number of important duties, frequently finding himself commanding enormous groups of soldiers, fighting on the front lines, or both. His contributions as a soldier continued to pile up at the same rate they had been up to this point, until he climbed the military ladder all the way up to the rank of lieutenant general and became the leader of the Planet Sadla Omega Ω Corps.

    Even in his late teens, Kobi proved to be a fierce, effective leader, and one that tightly held Planet Sadla's crumbling military together. Shortly after his promotion to lieutenant general, Kobi — taking complete advantage of Kale's foresight — won a series of battles against the Planet Trade and proved his capabilities as a military leader, though many were skeptical about whether this was due to real tactical prowess or Kale's ability to see the future. Regardless, he consistently found success on the battlefield, due to a blend of his charisma, his tactical mind, his knack for battle, and raw brain power. Kobi's talent for leadership was great enough that it led many Saiyans who had defected earlier in the war to swear allegiance to Planet Sadla once more, giving he and his comrades a much needed edge. Through a series of coordinated attacks against the other nearby planets annexed by the Planet Trade, Kobi quickly crippled the group's control over the system by targeting its most vital areas. The ferocity and subtlety of many of the tactics Kobi employed — large scale multi-step feints, orders that willingly sacrificed large amounts of resources and territory in order to gain even more, etc — were too great for the Planet Trade to immediately react to, allowing Planet Sadla to gradually push their enemies back. Unfortunately, however, Kobi's efforts eventually attracted the attention of the then-emperor of the Planet Trade Organization, a member of Frieza's race named Blizzard. After learning of Planet Sadla's continued resistance against his forces, Blizzard personally traveled to the star system the war was taking place in, accompanied by a chunk of his military and three of the highest ranking members of his crew.

    Blizzard was aware that many of Sadla's inhabitants were already willing to pledge allegiance to him, as he had been informed that the planet was currently in the midst of a civil war alongside the war they were already waging against the Planet Trade itself. It was for this reason that he did not consider the Saiyans a lost cause — if anything, their success against his forces made the emperor even more eager to annex their planet than he otherwise would have been. He wanted to avoid any unnecessary collateral damage, to keep their civilization, their planet, and their military all intact when he conquered their planet, which kept him from directly challenging the Saiyans on Planet Sadla's surface. Instead, he destroyed one of the other planets his forces had taken over in a display of his own power and ruthlessness, which Kobi and many of his comrades initially mistook for a misguided attack from their own military. Blizzard was careful about choosing which planet to destroy, and made certain to choose one with obvious, clear value to him to prevent the Saiyans from seeing through his bluff. He didn't choose the most important planet under his control by any means, but the importance of the world he destroyed was still obvious enough to the Saiyans to leave them dumbfounded. What contributed the most towards making this an effective way to crush the spirit of the Saiyans was how many of them had been killed in the explosion of the planet Blizzard chose to destroy. Dozens of thousands of them had been stationed there, and after the explosion of the planet, none of those who had been on the planet were ever heard from again. The goal of this was to communicate a supposed feeling of apathy towards the Saiyans, to let them know he had no qualms with destroying his own territory and that if they did not surrender, they could be vanquished at any moment. This did exactly what Blizzard hoped it would. Many of those who had been fighting valiantly for Planet Sadla immediately surrendered to the Planet Trade Organization, nearly cutting the planet's manpower in half. Those who still fought for the planet's freedom were now clearly fighting a losing battle, with the looming threat of the almighty Emperor Blizzard hanging over their heads.

    "Suicide Mission"Edit

    After two years of fighting with the Planet Trade, the Saiyans were beginning to run low on manpower and resources. The only way they could fathom winning the war was by earning back the trust of their kin who'd defected to join Blizzard's ranks, as well as by allying themselves with some of the species working under the Planet Trade. The best way to do that was by assassinating the emperor himself— and, despite Kobi's reservations about murder, he felt it was necessary here  though obviously this was a task much easier said than done. Due to his established record as an effective tactician, Kobi was placed in charge of planning a mission with this exact goal in mind. As he was aware there was no one on Planet Sadla's side who was even close to as strong as Blizzard was, he decided to focus on creating an all-out attack that focused on overwhelming both the forces of the Planet Trade and Blizzard himself, while taking full advantage of the special skills possessed by each of the corps that composed the planet's military. The mission was planned in steps as described below:

    1. The Beta Corps, which specialized in using their ki for the purposes of conjuration, would be split into a large number of small groups meant to assist each other team throughout the mission. The first of these teams would be composed of Saiyans capable of creating a Power Ball, who would remain stationed on Planet Sadla's surface along with a large number of the Gamma Corps, which specialized in blitzes and physical combat. It would be here where, according to one of Kale's visions of the future, one of Blizzard's admirals would lead an assault that the resulting army of Great Ape soldiers would successfully fend off.
    2. The Eta Corps, which specialized in using their ki for the purposes of union and establishing connections between objects and people, while working in unison with the Upsilon Corps, which specialized in employing their ki in the form of mental/cerebral powers, would establish an astral link with Kale, who would subsequently be captured and held as a prisoner of the Planet Trade, leaving Blizzard under the impression that the Saiyans were no longer capable of using her to see into the future, and that, if he could successfully manipulate her, he would in fact be able to use her abilities for himself. This was, of course, by the mission's design; a single member of the Omicron Corps, a group that specialized in stealth and espionage, would pretend to act as a traitor to Planet Sadla and capture Kale as a sign of his supposed loyalty to Blizzard. This same member of the Omicron Corps was an effective double-agent, and had already established a strong relationship with the Planet Trade, giving them plenty of reason to trust in his willingness to betray his comrades. He would let the Planet Trade know of his plans to capture Kale in advance by supplying falsified (but convincing) information, adding authenticity to her supposed capture and luring the Planet Trade into a false sense of security. While other members of the Eta Corps established an astral link with Kobi and continued to feed him information they would be receiving from the first group of the Eta Corps, this same first group would be using their link with Kale to feed the second group information about Blizzard's whereabouts.
    3. After being sent through a portal created by the Nu Corps, which specialized in using their ki for the manipulation of physical space, a second group of Gamma Corps soldiers would lead an all-out assault on wherever it was Blizzard was hiding, in order to split his military forces and leave him with less soldiers to defend himself. A second group of Beta Corps soldiers would accompany them to conjure additional Power Balls.
    4. The remaining Gamma Corps and Beta Corps soldiers would be transported by members of the Zeta Corps, who specialized in using their ki for the purposes of travel or transport, to any nearby planets to keep the soldiers stationed there from launching any spacecraft. Accompanying them would be members of the Pi Corps, which was composed of both sensory experts and soldiers capable replenishing the ki of both themselves and other soldiers who may have exhausted it, the Xi Corps, a group composed entirely of weapon specialists, and the Theta Corps, which specialized in employing their ki in the form of ocular powers, in order to ensure the success of the soldiers on all fronts. Each of the soldiers deployed in this step of the mission were to be given sufficient training in controlling their Great Ape transformation (if they were not capable of doing so already) in order to ensure they were fully capable of using their specialized abilities while transformed. In order to compensate for the increase in size provided by the Great Ape transformation, members of the Sigma Corps, which specialized in using their ki to transform themselves, other people, and/or objects, would be deployed to each front containing members of the Xi Corps, so that they could use their abilities to increase the size of the weapons owned by the Xi Corps by an amount proportionate to their own size increase.
    5. Now that the Planet Trade would have undoubtedly realized what was going on, there would no longer be any need for the Saiyans to hide their intentions. Multiple groups of Rho Corps soldiers, who specialized in using their ki to heal wounds and repair equipment, would be deployed to each front. Additionally, members of the Kappa Corps, who specialized in using their ki to suppress the physical abilities of targets, would be deployed to any fronts containing hostile Saiyans in order to suppress the effects of the Power Balls created by the Beta Corps and prevent any Great Apes from manifesting on the enemy's side.
    6. The whole of the Epsilon Corps, who specialized in using their ki for the creation of energy constructs, along with the whole of the Delta Corps, who specialized in using their ki for the purpose of manipulating elemental forces like water, fire, and lightning, and most of the Lambda Corps, who specialized in using their ki for the amplification of the defenses of themselves and their allies, would be sent to deal with the remaining soldiers still guarding Emperor Blizzard.
    7. The entirety of the Omega Corps, led by Kobi and a small team of its most skilled fighters, along with the entirety of the remaining Kappa Corps, and the whole of the Alpha Corps, who specialized in using their ki in the form of telekinetic abilities, would be teleported to Blizzard's location by the remaining Zeta Corps, where they would hopefully rescue Kale and use the abilities of the Kappa Corps to suppress Blizzard's capabilities before overwhelming him with an all-out assault.

    Many who took part in this mission, particularly those expected to attack Blizzard head on, were expected to die, causing most of the soldiers involved with it to colloquially refer to it as "the suicide mission." Though there was a significant risk of death associated with the mission, Kobi and the other heads of Planet Sadla's intelligence units roughly estimated a 70% chance of success, with all (known) variables taken into consideration. The team laid out all possible outcomes categorized under either "success" or "failure", along with the respective, estimated probability of each scenario, in a list similar to (but more detailed and complex than) the one below.

    • Success — 70%: Blizzard is killed and the Planet Trade's control over both Planet Sadla is weakened significantly.
      • Best Case Scenario Within Reason — 5%: Blizzard and all three of his admirals are killed with minimal casualties, crippling the Planet Trade's hold over the area, giving the Saiyans the support of neighboring planets, and forcing the Planet Trade to completely retreat.
      • Most Likely Overall Positive Outcome — 20%: Blizzard and at least two of his admirals are killed with mid/mid-high casualties, weakening the Planet Trade's hold over the area and giving the Saiyans the support of neighboring planets. Though the Planet Sadla military will be overall weaker due to taking a hit to their manpower, their alliances with nearby planets will leave them overall stronger and well-equipped to defeat the members of the Planet Trade still lingering in the area.
      • Bittersweet Outcome — 11%: Blizzard and at least two of his admirals are killed with high casualties. Kale, Kobi, and the Omega Corps are either all killed or mostly all killed in the battle against Blizzard, while the Saiyans sent to other planets suffer heavy casualties. The Saiyans stationed on Planet Sadla hold their ground, however, leaving the Saiyans in a position where they can challenge the severely weakened Planet Trade thanks to the alliances they have now established with nearby planets.
      • Most Likely Outcome — 27%: Blizzard and at least one of his admirals are killed. Most of the soldiers sent to his location are wiped out, while many soldiers present on other planets suffer medium to heavy casualties. Planet Sadla is wounded heavily, as is the Planet Trade, and the two are left with similar manpower thanks to the recently established alliances between Planet Sadla and planets that will have inevitably defected from the Planet Trade.
      • Worst Case Scenario — 7%: A stalemate where Blizzard is killed along with all of the Saiyans participating in the suicide mission, leaving Planet Sadla crippled but still capable enough to fend off what remains of the Planet Trade after Blizzard's death.
    • Failure — 30%: Blizzard is not killed, or, alternatively, Blizzard is killed, but this does not weaken the Planet Trade Organization's hold over the area.
      • Best Case Scenario Within Reason — 3%: Blizzard is killed (the fate of his admirals remains irrelevant in this instance) but the Planet Trade's hold over the area does not weaken and none defect from his ranks. The Saiyans must fight a long battle against the still-present members of the Planet Trade, but without the threat of Blizzard present.
      • Best Case Scenario Within Reason (Where Blizzard Survives) — 2%: The attempt to assassinate Blizzard fails, but all three of his admirals are killed and his forces are weakened heavily. The Saiyans face mid/mid-high casualties, but still manage to escape with most of their military intact to fight another day. Their successful attempt to kill Blizzard's three highest ranking men attracts the attention of nearby planets, causing some to defect from the Planet Trade and strengthening the Planet Sadla military.
      • Most Likely Overall Positive Outcome — 5%: The attempt to assassinate Blizzard fails, but at least one of his admirals is killed and his forces are weakened by a decent amount. The Saiyans face mid/mid-high casualties, but still manage to escape with most of their military intact to fight another day. A small amount of people defect from the Planet Trade and join the Saiyans, slightly strengthening Planet Sadla's military.
      • Most Likely Outcome (that isn't the worst case scenario) — 7%: The attempt to assassinate Blizzard fails, but at least one of his admirals is killed. However, they suffer heavy casualties on all fronts, and all who challenge Blizzard directly are killed.
      • Worst Case Scenario — 13%: Blizzard survives and all who participated in the mission to assassinate him are wiped out.

    In order to ensure the highest rate of success, details about the mission were only given on a need-to-know basis; anyone who did not need to know anything about their task to effectively carry it out was not given any information in order to prevent any potential leaks from anyone with a possible allegiance to the Planet Trade. Though this was a decision that created a feeling of uncertainty among those taking part in the mission, it was one most of the Saiyans understood nonetheless. Once Kobi and the rest of those in charge of laying out Blizzard's assassination had finished with planning, all soldiers taking part in the mission were instructed to rehearse their respective roles for two weeks and one day using the limited amount of information they were provided with. Every three days, Kobi and the other leaders of the mission conducted drills with select groups of soldiers and kept records of their estimated readiness over time, before concluding that fifteen days had been more than enough time to prepare their military for this mission — all of its overseers agreed that they were sufficiently prepared and ready to begin the assassination of Emperor Blizzard.

    The first six stages of the suicide mission proceeded smoothly and according to plan. The attack on Planet Sadla, which was indeed led by one of Blizzard's admirals as Kale had predicted, was successfully warded off by the combination of Beta Corps and Gamma Corps soldiers stationed there. Kale's capture had gone as the Saiyans hoped it would, with no suspicion on Blizzard's part, and a successful connection established between her and the group of Eta Corps and Upsilon Corps soldiers tasked with the creation of an astral link. After learning that Blizzard was aboard his ship — an enormous supercarrier starship known as The Bummock — which was headed straight towards Planet Sadla, the Saiyans hypothesized that, due to a lack of patience, he was preparing an all-out assault on their planet at some point in the coming days, likely because he was under the impression that they would no longer be able to prepare for it in advance since he'd "captured" Kale. The threat of a nearing assault on their homeworld meant that their success in this mission was critical in winning the war against the Planet Trade, but still, the Saiyans hesitated to attack his ship due to their inability to survive without oxygen for extremely long periods of time. Still, the subsect of the Beta Corps and Gamma Corps being deployed insisted that they were willing to take the risk, and so the mission proceeded as planned.

    The siege on Blizzard's ship did exactly what it was supposed to, and diverted the attention of many of his soldiers towards the hordes of Great Ape soldiers approaching them. As the crew of The Bummock began to call for reinforcements from nearby planets, the Saiyans initiated the fourth stage of the mission, which transported a large number of their remaining soldiers onto the surfaces of any of the planets that had been contacted. As expected, the deployed Saiyans ambushed enemy hangars and launch bays, preventing any reinforcements from heading in Blizzard's direction. The immense amount of ki emitted by the Great Apes sent to these planets combined with the trauma caused by the havoc they were wreaking disturbed the concentration of any Planet Trade soldiers on these planets with the ability to teleport themselves, something Kobi had been banking on. However, this also left any soldiers sent to these neighboring planets unable to leave until their respective battles had concluded, meaning that the soldiers tasked with attacking the exterior of The Bummock would not be receiving any reinforcements for the duration of the mission. This did not present a major problem thanks to the arrival of the Rho Corps on each battlefront, who swiftly healed the injuries sustained by any Saiyans who were still alive. This also caused many of Sadla's soldiers to undergo immediate Zenkai boosts, giving the Saiyans a much-needed advantage in the battle.

    Though they were sustaining heavy casualties, the Saiyans were surprised to discover that the mission was going well, and that reports from their soldiers actually indicated they were winning the battle on nearly all fronts. This boosted the morale of all who remained, and just in time for the initiation of the mission's sixth stage. This stage of the mission proceeded exactly as it was supposed to; the Epsilon Corps, Lambda Corps, and Delta Corps were teleported by the remaining members of the Zeta Corps into The Bummock's interior, where they were met by a splintered, weakened group of Blizzard's forces, thanks to the assault taking place on the ship's exterior. Only one of Blizzard's admirals (the only one still onboard The Bummock) came to meet the Saiyans deployed in this stage of the mission, though his overwhelming power was enough to give them a solid enough challenge that they were unable to meet with Blizzard himself. To the dismay of those deployed in stage six, they were unable to draw the fire of all of the soldiers tasked with guarding their target, as two or three dozens of Blizzard's henchmen remained close to him in the anticipation of another surprise attack. This was not a significant problem, however, as once the mission's seventh stage began, the member of the Omicron Corps tasked with delivering Kale to Blizzard — who had remained at the emperor's side throughout the entirety of the mission — quickly dispatched any nearby soldiers, taking full advantage of the element of surprise and employing swift assassination tactics. For the sake of efficiency, he also rescued Kale from captivity in the process, leaving the Saiyans in a perfect position to initiate the mission's next stage. Blizzard was now the only target for the final group of Saiyan soldiers, who arrived in (and around, due to the large number of soldiers) the throne room of The Bummock without any trouble.

    Unfortunately, it was during the suicide mission's seventh stage that things began to fall apart. Though everything up to this point had gone according to plan, the Saiyans had grossly underestimated Blizzard's power during the mission's planning phase. When Kobi arrived leading a combination of the Omega Corps, the Alpha Corps, and the Kappa Corps, he and his soldiers had anticipated just about every scenario imaginable, but they had still grossly underestimated how much stronger Blizzard was than his other soldiers. Even thousands of soldiers working at once to suppress his power couldn't weaken him enough for the attacks of the other Saiyans to critically damage him, and this was something they soon learned the hard way.

    As they were unaware of the circumstances, the Saiyans proceeded to attack Blizzard as planned. As the attack began, Kobi received reports from various soldiers still fighting on the surface of Planet Sadla that four standard-issue space pods had just touched down there, and that the people on the inside of each pod felt absurdly powerful. A second report came soon after, explaining that, according to one of Blizzard's admirals, he had called in a fireteam of the most powerful fighters in the Planet Trade, (a group similar to the Ginyu Force) just before communications with Planet Sadla were cut off, leaving Kobi in a state of panic as he began to worry about the safety of his home. Still, to prevent himself from compromising the mission, he turned his attention towards Blizzard, and assissted his allies in throwing an overwhelming barrage of energy in his direction while the Kappa Corps suppressed his power. To the horror of the Saiyans, even though he was completely paralyzed and unable to augment his defenses with ki, Blizzard remained completely unharmed. After an excruciatingly long period of time, the Kappa Corps gradually began to give out, until they had all completely run through the entirety of their ki supply, allowing Blizzard to resist the effects of their suppressive powers and fight the Saiyans with his full strength. 

    In a display of his power, Blizzard released an explosive ki wave that tore through the throne room and its nearby corridors, immediately killing thousands of the 20,000 Saiyans who had invaded his ship in the mission's final phase. Though he had initially planned on wiping out the rest of them himself, he stopped after receiving a report from the leader of the four soldiers he'd just called in to attack Sadla. After a brief exchange with the soldier in which it was clear Blizzard had learned something of note, he changed his mind, and figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to crush the spirit of any Saiyans who still opposed him. Since The Bummock  had already sustained enough damage from the Saiyans' assault to leave it broken beyond repair, Blizzard figured there was no harm in sacrificing the ship outright if it convinced what remained of the Saiyans to join him. Using his telekinesis, the emperor tore the front of the ship — which contained the throne room, the command bridge, and a few other noteworthy rooms all filled with Saiyans — from its body, and hurled it towards Planet Sadla, which, to Kobi's surprise, the ship had come a lot closer to since the start of the mission than he'd realized. Blizzard remained inside of this part of the ship as it traveled through space, and placed a small barrier around the outside to shield those within it from being sucked into the vacuum of space and to keep anyone from being killed when what remained of that section of the ship crashed into Planet Sadla. Though Kobi urged his soldiers to stand down, many of them continued to attack Blizzard, only to be killed immediately right in front of his eyes. As those who survived continued their descent towards their home planet, the emperor explained to them that he did not want to kill any of them, and that he was impressed by their combat prowess, tenacity, and talent for coordination, and that if they surrendered, he would reward them with high ranking positions in the Planet Trade, and would graciously forgive the heinous crimes they'd committed against him both on that day and throughout the rest of the war.

    As Kobi started to weigh his options, he felt himself torn between choosing to keep his comrades safe and choosing to uphold his own beliefs. The idea of working for Blizzard disgusted him, as a life of scorching planets and tearing apart entire civilizations was one that would surely become his own if he took the emperor's offer. But he was worried about his teammates, and for the life of him could not think of a way to defeat Blizzard after the sort of feats he'd just displayed. When what remained of The Bummock touched down on Sadla's surface, however, Kobi felt his spirit shatter, and his will to fight back faded away from him. When Blizzard lowered the barrier and urged the surviving Saiyans to step outside and look around, they were greeted with the sight of tens of thousands of Saiyan bodies scattered across the ground — some were missing their tails, others weren't, but none of them were Great Apes, as it seemed the soldiers deployed to Sadla had made swift work of the Power Balls created by the Beta Corps  not to mention the scorched, ruined, crumbling remains of what used to be the gorgeous city of Slavia. Across the horizon, Kobi could see dozens of other cities that had suffered similar fates, and fell to his knees after being crushed by the responsibility he felt for the fate of his kin and his home. Blizzard continued to say that his forces actually had more trouble than they could handle dealing with the Saiyans on the planet's surface, and that it had been the elite, four-man fireteam he'd recently called in who had been solely responsible for what the Saiyans were seeing. Though there were thousands of Planet Trade soldiers currently walking across the surface of the planet, they had not shown up until after the aforementioned four of Blizzard's elite had single-handedly wiped out all of the Saiyans stationed on Planet Sadla, putting into perspective just how hopeless fighting against him was. Even still, once again, many of those who remained charged forth and attacked Blizzard in a blind rage, furious after seeing the corpses of thousands of their fallen comrades. Hundreds of them were killed in an instant, this time not by Blizzard himself, but by the four elite who were now occupying the planet. As more of his teammates continued to charge, Kobi pleaded for them to stop, and when only some of them yielded, he gave an order for those who were still alive to cease combat, and any who were not vaporized by the Planet Trade listened, if only out of respect for Kobi. This was the first time most of them had seen him this shaken, and it quickly led them to the realization that they were fighting a losing battle. They all fell silent, and carefully listened for whatever he was about to say.

    Kobi's desire to protect his comrades was greater than his desire to uphold his beliefs, leading him to, albeit hesitantly, surrender to Blizzard, to the overwhelming surprise of those around him. As he could tell that Blizzard's patience was thinning due to the Saiyans' continued attempts to kill him, Kobi apologized on behalf of his comrades and pleaded for the emperor to allow him to take full responsibility for their actions. Seeing the person who may as well have been their leader so thoroughly crushed left the surrounding Saiyans dumbfounded, though none of them objected to Kobi's decision. Seeing the Saiyans' loyalty to Kobi as well as the respect he himself was displaying towards the Planet Trade piqued Blizzard's interest, and led him to test a hypothesis. He spoke loudly enough to command the attention of everyone nearby, and immediately ordered the surviving Saiyans to kill Kobi in order to prove their loyalty to him. He further explained this was allegedly since Kobi had already taken responsibility for their actions, it only made sense for him to kill two birds with one stone — he would kill Kobi to punish the Saiyans for continuing to foolishly attempt to kill him, and determine whether they were truly loyal to him or not, all at once.

    Kobi was surprised but not offended, and understood that he'd probably have to go along with this if he wanted his people to come out of this mission alive. As Blizzard held him up and invited the Saiyans to attack him, Kobi urged them to do as he asked for their own safety, causing the Saiyans to immediately erupt into a fit of chaos. Many of them outright refused out of respect, not just for Kobi, but for their own species, while a handful insisted they obey his orders since their lives were more important than the life of one person. Eventually a handful turned into a decent chunk, and a decent chunk turned into a bigger chunk, until it seemed the remaining Saiyans were split down the middle about who to choose. Eventually, Kale approached Blizzard, face to face amidst the chaos, and pleaded for him to reconsider, for no other reason than out of kindness. She did not expect to succeed, but aimed to save Kobi out of desperation, and found herself left with no other options. Blizzard's response shocked not only her, but Kobi and the rest of the Saiyans as well  he applauded Kobi and Kale for their loyalty, and regretfully said that it seemed the remaining Saiyans were a lost cause. He explained he was unable to hire a group of brutes willing to turn on someone who had just bent their knee, thrown their pride away, and placed their life on the line for their safety, all in a moment's notice no less. There was simply no way he could trust a group of people like that, and at the moment, he lacked the patience to sort through all who remained and determine who had remained loyal to Kobi and who had not, so he opted to kill all of them and just make do with Kobi, Kale, and the Saiyans who had already defected to join him earlier in the war.

    Transformation into a Super SaiyanEdit

    As he gave his soldiers the order to wipe out the Saiyans who remained, Blizzard released Kobi from his grasp and congratulated him for becoming a member of the Planet Trade Organization. To his surprise, however, Kobi responded coldly, and demanded that the attack on the Saiyans be called off before he agreed to join. Though Blizzard responded by saying that sparing the rest of the Saiyans was out of the picture, Kobi repeated that he would not budge until the order to attack was called off. The two continued with a back and forth until Blizzard told Kobi that he simply did not have a choice, and that he would be joining with the Planet Trade, no matter what measures needed to be taken to make that happen. Still, Kobi continued to refuse Blizzard's offer, and insisted that he just kill him instead, to the emperor's dismay. As a last resort, Blizzard gave Kobi an ultimatum; after piercing Kale's kneecap with a swift, sudden beam of energy, he told Kobi he had two choices — join the Planet Trade or watch his fianceé die. Kobi was left in shock, taken completely by aback by the fact that Blizzard even knew about his relationship with her, before the emperor briefly pointed out that he'd noticed the rings the two were wearing immediately after Kale's plea to spare him.

    As Kobi began weighing his options again, Kale forced herself to her feet and limped towards him, before kneeling to face him, apologizing and giving him a farewell kiss. Immediately afterwards, she turned around, spat in Blizzard's face, and told him to kill her. As Kobi stared at her, dumbfounded, Blizzard gathered himself and, out of curiosity, asked for an explanation. Kale responded by saying she was in the same boat as Kobi was — she wasn't going to work for the Planet Trade unless Blizzard called off the attack — and since he was willing to use her for leverage she said he might as well kill her anyway since it was pretty obvious he wasn't going to change his mind. Without a moment of hesitation, an annoyed Blizzard slashed Kale's throat open and sent her flying with his tail, before wiping the spit off of his face and telling his soldiers to take care of things from here. As he headed towards one of many dropships that had been used to transport his soldiers to Planet Sadla, he gave the order to his soldiers to wipe out the Saiyans who remained, and advised them to use caution when subduing Kobi and bringing him back as a member of the Planet Trade.

    As he heard Blizzard march away, Kobi stared, shocked, at Kale's dead body for a few moments. As the reality of what just happened began to set in, he turned to watch as the Saiyans he had been leading moments ago prepared to face off with the monsters who had wiped out over a hundred thousand Saiyans without breaking a sweat. Before long, he was approached by two Planet Trade soldiers as he watched dozens of his comrades fall by the second. The rage that consumed him after he'd seen Kale die, combined with his desperate need for the power to protect the Saiyans who survived — which still remained intact, despite the fact that many of them had been willing to kill him moments prior  culminated into a monstrous feeling beyond description, one that fueled his subsequent transformation into a Super Saiyan.

    After transforming, it seemed as though Kobi had become an entirely different person. All who witnessed the transformation could feel that he thereafter exuded a much colder aura, and a far stronger sense of presence and authority, leaving many of the Saiyans worried about what was about to happen. To their surprise, Kobi ordered all of the survivors to gather somewhere on the planet not occupied by the Planet Trade Organization, and explained that he would be meeting with them as soon as things were taken care of. When his soldiers asked what he planned to do, he bluntly responded by saying that he was going to wipe out any leftover hostiles by himself, but that it was imperative that everyone left the area before that could happen. Though there was some resistance from the Saiyans at first, Kobi eventually managed to intimidate them into leaving, leaving him to deal with what remained of the Planet Trade by himself. Though the remaining soldiers were intimidated, they did not back down, leading Kobi to tell them that if they did not leave the planet he would have no choice but to kill them for his its own safety. Unsurprisingly, his enemies did not retreat, and so Kobi — regrettably  dealt with them accordingly, wiping out every single member of the Planet Trade still left on the planet as painlessly as possible.

    Using one of the pods Blizzard's elite fireteam had arrived in, Kobi traveled to the first of the neighboring planets his soldiers had been deployed to, and incapacitated each member of the Planet Trade there, though this time he made sure to avoid killing them. Afterwards, he ordered the remaining members of the Zeta Corps to teleport everyone back to Planet Sadla and wait for him to return. He repeated this on each of the planets that Saiyan soldiers had been deployed to until all of the surviving Saiyans had been gathered on Planet Sadla, before using the communication equipment of a fallen Planet Trade soldier to contact Blizzard. After learning what had become of his forces, Blizzard agreed to meet Kobi on an uninhabited planet for a one on one deathmatch, and gave the saiyan the coordinates he would need to travel there. Without a second thought, Kobi punched the coordinates into the same pod he'd stolen earlier, and arrived on the planet in a matter of hours. As soon as the two met, Blizzard made it a point to note that he could have ended the battle before it had even begun by simply destroying the planet, since Kobi, as a Saiyan, could not breathe in space, but chose not to since he thought any opportunity to display his superiority was always worth taking. As the emperor continued to boast, Kobi interrupted him and insisted he stop talking so the fight could begin, before attacking Blizzard without warning and officially beginning their battle. Before long, the gap in power between the two became overwhelmingly clear, as Kobi had an obvious advantage in speed, strength, durability, reflexes, skill, and techniques. Unbeknownst to Kobi, however, Blizzard was capable of suppressing his true strength, and, after revealing this, goaded the Saiyan into giving him the time he needed to enter a state where he could use all of his power at once.

    This seemed to level the playing field at first, as Blizzard began matching Kobi blow for blow, and even started to shrug off many of his attacks with apparently minimal effort. Though the emperor seemed satisfied at first, he was shocked to hear that Kobi had also been holding back throughout the entirety of their battle, and while he initially wrote this off as a bluff, he soon found out that Kobi was indeed telling the truth. As the battle continued, Kobi continued to overwhelm the emperor with one attack after another, aiming to beat Blizzard into submission before finally killing him. Eventually, this resulted in Blizzard being driven into a desperate rage — a sight that, despite its consequences, brought Kobi satisfaction — so great that it led him to attempt to destroy the planet and kill Kobi with the explosion. As he began preparing to fire on the planet, Kobi used his speed to stop him mid-way, before commenting that it seemed the battle was over, and that by resorting to destroying the planet, Blizzard had acknowledged his inferiority. Satisfied, he decided to stop toying with Blizzard and swiftly bring both the battle and the war against the Planet Trade to an end. 

    After a brief close-quarters exchange, Kobi crippled Blizzard by piercing through his chest with a short range burst of energy, an injury that forced the emperor to his knees and left him entirely at Kobi's mercy. Though his resolve to kill his enemy had been strong before, Kobi hesitated to kill Blizzard, simply due to his innate gentleness and tendency to avoid resorting to murder. As he began contemplating what approach he should take, he noticed the tyrant's palms were now pressed against the surface of the planet and had begun to glisten with energy. Kobi's instincts drove him to retaliate to avoid being killed, and without any further hesitation, he angrily lifted Blizzard off of the ground with a kick to the face, before finally engulfing his body in an overwhelming mass of energy so powerful it atomized him. As the smoke cleared, Kobi scoffed, frustrated that he'd just been forced to take another life. After briefly staring into the empty space that Blizzard had just occupied, Kobi muttered to himself that the mission had been a success and began to search the horizon for the pod he'd arrived in.

    After finding the ship, Kobi initially planned on immediately setting a course back to Planet Sadla, but began to have second thoughts as something that had been bugging him for years gradually forced itself to the forefront of his mind. Something he had been bothered by ever since his initial deployment was the fact that the Planet Trade Organization had only sent a small portion of its forces in their efforts to capture Planet Sadla and its neighbors, and the knowledge that they were wreaking havoc in many other places across the galaxy was unsettling, particularly because he had never been able to do anything about it. Now that he had killed the organization's leader, Kobi was certain he would have no trouble dispatching what remained of them in other sections of the galaxy. After briefly contemplating his approach, Kobi exited the pod and searched the planet until he found the dropship Blizzard arrived in, where he searched for any information about the whereabouts of the rest of its members. After sifting through documents and digital data stored internally on the ship, Kobi learned where the group's headquarters were stationed, along with a small list of a few planets that the Planet Trade planned on targeting and planets they had recently taken over. Without a second thought, Kobi set a course for the space station the group was currently using as a base of operations, determined to break the hold they had on the universe.


    After incapacitating the soldiers present in the Planet Trade's headquarters, Kobi searched for any documents and intel he could find about the planets currently under the group's control. In the process, he learned that there existed an heir to the emperor's throne, Blizzard's toddler younger brother, though no details about his whereabouts were present anywhere on the station. While he waited for information to surface, Kobi traveled to any planets he knew the group had control over and incapacitated the forces there, freeing each of the planets he traveled to one by one, until he attracted the attention of a handful of the organization's admirals. After agreeing that Kobi needed to be dealt with swiftly, the Planet Trade hired the hitman (more accurately, hitwoman) Asa, Universe 7's counterpart to the Universe 6 assassin Hit

    Around the time of her enlistment by the Planet Trade, Asa was only in her early twenties, and was far weaker than Hit was when Goku encountered him in the Universes 6 and 7 Gods of Destruction Selection Martial Arts Competition. When Kobi encountered her, he was much stronger than she was, the surprise of both her and the Planet Trade when they received word that she had encountered Kobi. Despite the clear gap in strength between them, the two fought to a stalemate, thanks in large part to Asa's ability to control time. While Kobi's quick wit allowed him to creatively fight against Asa's Time-Skip, and the fact that he was far stronger than her allowed him to resist the ability's effects for the most part, his enemy's combat finesse combined with her unique chronokinetic power were enough to compensate. Though he managed to kill his assassin, the battle left Kobi with critical injuries too severe for him to deal with on his own. Just moments after the end of the battle, he fell flat on his back, left nigh-paralyzed due to blood loss. After receiving a report from a team of scouts that both fighters had been killed (despite the fact that Kobi was still alive) in a stalemate, the Planet Trade dispatched members of their Demolition Corps to destroy the planet and ensure that Kobi was dead for good. As he watched the planet around him light up and and begin to explode, Kobi felt his consciousness slip away from him. As his surroundings faded to black, he seemed to recall feeling the presence of someone powerful nearby, but was unable to act on this knowledge before he fell unconscious.

    Divine InterventionEdit

    When he woke up, Kobi was surprised to find that he had been sleeping in a well-made bed, and that all of his injuries had been fully tended to, despite the fact that he felt no traces of bandages or gauze of any kind present on his body. As he rubbed his eyes and attempted to gather himself, he heard a voice coming from his bedside, which he soon learned belonged to Alaka. As he was a bit overwhelmed by the foreign setting and uncertain circumstances, Kobi was left speechless, and opted to wait for an explanation before acting or speaking. After noticing Kobi's hesitance, Alaka introduced himself by name and apologized for the less-than-ideal circumstances of their meeting. He politely continued to say that, while he was more than happy to explain what was going on, it would probably be to the benefit of both of them if Kobi asked any questions beforehand to avoid confusion, since there was quite a bit that he needed to go over.

    Kobi shortly pondered where he should begin, before bluntly but respectfully asking where he was and what he was doing there. Alaka answered by explaining that they were in the Demon Realm, and were, more specifically, at its "peak", where only a select few of its residents were allowed to reside. After explaining where and what the Demon Realm was, Alaka mentioned that he was its most powerful resident, though he had little influence over the rest of its inhabitants. This was the last thing Kobi expected to hear, as he'd never really been one to believe in the supernatural. His skepticism compelled him to ask for evidence, though he quickly decided against it, seeing as the fact that he was alive after sustaining critical injuries and resting in the anet, was also pretty out of the ordinary.

    His curiosity now piqued, Kobi asked what a resident of the Demon Realm would want with him, seeing as it was unlikely that they had similar interests. Alaka conceded the latter point, and was quick to admit that the two had no common goals, but requested that Kobi remain patient and hear him out. Seeing as he had nowhere better to be, Kobi heeded his savior's request, and quietly awaited further explanation. Alaka thanked Kobi for his cooperation, before apologizing in advance for the length of his impending clarification as it required a lot of context he knew that Kobi did not have. He gave Kobi a brief account of the universe's history, including explanations of the Super Dragon Balls, the Kaioshin and Makaioshin, the Gods of Destruction, the Twelve Universes, the afterlife, and so on and so forth.

    After he told Kobi everything he felt he needed to know, Alaka asked if the boy had any questions. The saiyan replied by asking what any of this had to do with him directly, and further explained that, while he appreciated being rescued from an untimely death, he would have much rather been left to die if there truly was an afterlife where he could reunite with Kale and his mother. Alaka responded by explaining that, though he understood Kobi's skepticism and apathy, he was certain that he could be persuaded to change his mind. As he was aware he was probably starting to cause Kobi's patience to run thin, Alaka picked up the pace of the conversation and swiftly began to lay out the specific reasons he'd rescued the boy from death. Though he was powerful, Alaka was by no means the strongest being in the multiverse, and because of this, there were ambitions of his that he could not pursue on his own. Despite the fact that he needed assistance, he had never come across anyone he considered worth asking for help. Alaka explained that Kobi was incredibly special — not only did he have the potential to be a valuable asset, but he had a moral compass and worldview perfect for the task he was needed for.

    This eventually led Alaka to segway into what he needed Kobi to assist him with — a plan that involved gathering the Super Dragon Balls in order to turn not just Universe 7, but the entire multiverse, into a utopia. He seemed confident that Kobi did not need to be convinced that reality was harsh and relentlessly cruel, but made it a point to ensure the saiyan understood his hardship was not isolated. Alaka told Kobi that there was plenty of misfortune spread throughout their own universe, let alone the entire multiverse, and that he believed the only way it could be saved was through an absolute kind of divine intervention. He pleaded with the boy to at least consider helping this cause, to which Kobi responded by asking to see the universe himself while he decided if he was truly willing to commit himself to such a herculean task. Though Alaka offered to let Kobi watch from a distance using his crystal ball, the saiyan insisted he would rather see the world himself than watch from afar. Alaka was willing to indulge him, though he warned Kobi that it was imperative he only visit worlds present outside of the North Quadrant, in order to avoid drawing attention to himself and to keep the North Kai from realizing that he was still alive. He also urged Kobi to, at the very least, stay in the Demon Realm until he had learned how to teleport, though the saiyan seemed confident that he would be able to figure it out on his own. Alaka figured he may as well at least give the boy a chance to prove himself, and insisted that, at the very least, he allowed the Makaioshin to give Kobi a parting gift before he left.

    After Kobi agreed, Alaka placed his palm against his forehead, and employed a magical power similar to Old Kai's Unlock Ability, Babidi's and Grand Elder Guru's respective abilities to draw out a person's dormant power, etc., that released a portion of the latent power Kobi had resting within him. He told the saiyan that, should he choose to return, he would perform a ritual capable of releasing the rest of Kobi's immense latent potential, before asking him if he had anywhere in particular he wanted to travel to first. Kobi immediately responded by requesting to be taken to Zuno, admittedly to Alaka's surprise.

    Pilgrimage Throuh the UniverseEdit

    Alaka brought Kobi before Zuno with no quarrel, and the Saiyan quickly noticed what seemed to be an established history between the two. After politely asking Zuno to indulge any and all questions Kobi may have in exchange for later payment, Alaka vanished, leaving the boy alone to do as he pleased from here on out. Seeing as he would not be personally travelling to the North Quadrant, Kobi asked for detailed accounts of any noteworthy planets located there, along with any relevant history that may help him shape his worldview. After Zuno answered his questions to his satisfaction, Kobi laid out everything Alaka had told him earlier and asked if it was true, to which Zuno replied with a yes. Kobi then asked the same questions about the East, South, and West Quadrants as he had about the North, amd he mentioned that his attention was drawn to a planet with inhabitants who specialized in the manipulation of space and time, similar to the inhabitants of Yardrat. After asking how he could get there, he was informed that Zuno's guardians possessed the same teleportation ability as the Supreme Kai and their assistants, and that they would take Kobi there out of respect for Alaka.

    After he was transported there, he was left by Zuno's attendant to do as he pleased, and traveled to a nearby city posing as a spacefaring tourist. During his time on the planet, Kobi studied the abilities of its inhabitants and used what he'd learned to develop the foundation of two of his soon-to-be signature abilities, Mu's μ Hourglass and Nu's ν Amulet. He also used a small portion of his time to study the planet's history and culture, and learned that its many nations were in the middle of a worldwide war that had begun just weeks before Kobi's arrival. Further investigation on his part led him to discover that tension had been building between the planet's various political groups for hundreds of years, and that conflict of this sort was not uncommon on this world. After deducing that responsibility for the war rested with the dictator of a small group of islands, Kobi decided to use his power as a Super Saiyan to quickly incapacitate his forces, forcing both he and the leaders of nations he was allied with to surrender. He then urged the rest of the nations still at war to agree to a ceasefire, before vanishing and traveling to another nearby planet.

    Kobi continued journeying from planet to planet posing as a simple traveler, studying the abilities of the inhabitants he encountered and learning the histories of their respective civilizations. As he traveled, he gradually, progressively honed his ki manipulation skills, while also broadening his own worldview. Some planets he journeyed to were peaceful, others experienced moderate conflict, and some were battered and war-torn. After five years of traveling through the East, South, and West Quadrants, and occasionally offering assistance to those in need, Kobi returned to the Demon Realm and informed Alaka that he'd seen enough to make a decision. Once he explained that he believed the universe was truly in a state beyond repair, Kobi pledged himself to the Makaioshin's cause and labeled Alaka his master. Pleased with Kobi's decision, the god accepted the saiyan as his student, and gave him two black potara earrings to represent his loyalty.

    Training as a MakaioshinEdit

    Alaka proved to be an incredibly effective teacher. Under his tutelage, Kobi managed to master all of the skills he had begun to develop during his time on other planets, and he also learned how to use a handful of basic abilities known only to the Kaioshin, Makaioshin, and their attendants. As promised, Alaka also fully released Kobi's latent potential upon his return, causing his power to jump by an obscene amount, something helped by the fact that the saiyan had received the benefits of similar abilities thanks to the kindness of some of the aliens he had come across in recent years. Kobi was also allowed to train in conditions similar to those present in the interior of the Room of Spirit and Time, as Alaka's castle contained a door to a separate plane of reality where time passed at the same rate (one year inside was equal to one day outside). Unfortunately, Kobi could only spend three years inside the room without being trapped inside forever, but still reaped substantial benefits thanks to his time there. The circumstances of his death are not entirely apparent, but at some point during his training, Kobi fell ill to a crippling sickness and passed away after ten years (in realtime, not counting the extra three years he spent in the time dilation chamber) of training with Alaka.

    Techniques and AbilitiesEdit


    Typically in the context of Dragon Ball, a 'technique' refers to a specific application of a person's Ki or body. Though Kobi has more than twenty-four specific applications for his Ki, he has categorized most of these abilities into twenty-four broad, named powers based on what aspect of reality he aims to manipulate, each with their own list of specific derivatives and individual applications. Of course, some have more derived techniques than others and vice versa. All twenty-four abilities are inspired by one or more Ki abilities already present in the universe, such as the widely used Multi-Form, the Kaio-ken, et cetera. There is a twenty-fifth group composed of basic Ki utilities, though Kobi does not consider any of these techniques important enough to be worth naming.

    Each of his twenty-four named abilities can be employed at one of two levels of use, each with a distinct level of effectiveness. Level One is denoted by a lowercase symbol (Alpha's Will would be α at Level One) and Level Two is denoted by a capital letter (Alpha's Will would be at Level Two).

    One final note is that, while each of the abilities may have named sub-powers, non of them are considered separate from the technique they branch off of. For example, Alpha's α Prison uses the same fundamental concepts as all of the other techniques derived from Alpha's Will. The derivatives are only given names for the sake of organization, not because they are significantly different from one another.

    Alpha's α Will Edit

    The techniques that draw from Alpha’s Will all involve telekinetics and the manipulation of invisible forces. Through Alpha’s Will, Kobi can telekinetically push, pull, grip, bind, maneuver, and deflect objects, projectiles, and other people. Kobi can also telekinetically control his own body for a number of purposes, and frequently does so to briefly augment his strength and speed, as well as to quickly hurl himself out of the way of any oncoming threats. 

    • Alpha's α Prison  Allows its user to prevent and object/being from moving. Any person powerful enough to resist is immune.
    • Alpha's α Pulley  Allows its user to telekinetically lift an object or being.
    • Alpha's α Vector  Allows its user to draw/push objects and beings toward/away from the user. The current that draws/repels objects can be either omnidirectional or unidirectional, and the force used to push/pull objects can be easily manipulated by the user.
    • Alpha's α Adhesive  Allows its user tp grasp and freely move an object/being with telekinesis.
    • Alpha's α Volition  Allows its user to affect the course of a moving object, person, or entity without actually gripping onto them.
    • Alpha's α Gift  Allows its user to augment their speed or strength by applying telekinetic force to the body.
    • Alpha's α Guidance  Allows its user to cause an affected object to follow/track a moving target until it hits them.
    • Alpha's α Compressor  Allows its user to crush an object or being until it wounds up compressed into a smaller form.
    • Alpha's α Pike  Allows its user to telekinetically destroy an object; e.g., cause a table to explode.
    • Alpha's α Clairvoyance — Allows its user to use telekinesis from afar; e.g., grip an object from thousands of miles away. This ability is limited by the user’s inability to see what they are controlling, but is generally offset by their ability to sense Ki.

    Beta's β ShadowEdit

    Allows the user to create a clone of themselves, which they can use for various purposes. This ability is distinctly different from Multi-Form for a number of reasons, none less important than another.

    Beta's Shadow is more like an extension of the user’s body than a full-blown replica of them - this is made no more apparent by any one of its traits than the fact that it rests within the user’s body when dormant, and can be called upon without actually being expelled from the body. In other words, this gives the user access to an extra, retractable set of limbs and appendages that they can extend from anywhere on their body at any time they feel appropriate. A user of the technique essentially has access to four arms, four legs, two heads, and even an extra torso when needed, and they can extend these extra body parts from any part of their body they choose to. Furthermore, Beta's Shadow can split from the user’s body at their will, where it will thereafter become autonomous and require no further input from the person who spawned it. The doppelganger is tied to its creator in nearly every other aspect, however; while it can and will act on its own, it and its creator are a hivemind - they share thoughts, goals, and vision with one another. Additionally, their ki pool and life essence are linked together; if one exhausts all of their ki, the other will be unable to draw from their own Ki pool. If one dies, so does the other, etc.

    Gamma's γ Cloak Edit

    Like the Kaioken, Gamma's Cloak seeks to amplify its user's physical capabilities over a short period of time. It incrementally multiplies the user’s Ki depending on the level being used, and for a duration of no more than thirty seconds. Signs of Gamma's Cloak use are obvious and easily spotted; the user’s skin becomes white, their ireses and pupils vanish, and they are cloaked in a veil of explosive black light. When the effects of Gamma's Cloak come to an end, the user is inflicted with recoil damage determined both by the amount time spent using the technique and by how much damage was dealt to an enemy (or enemies) while under the effects of the power boost.

    The primary purpose of this ability is to increase the user's speed and destructive power — this skill will not do much to bolster its user's defenses directly. That said, it can still be used for defensive purposes — for example, the user can amplify the force of their basic ki attacks and use that to nullify or deflect an oncoming energy attack — and it can also be selectively cast on specific parts of a person's body to reduce recoil damage.

    Delta's Δ StaffEdit

    Allows the user to summon and manipulate basic elemental forces such as water, earth, air, fire, and lightning. Each element is typically imbued with the caster's ki to increase its effectiveness, causing them to adopt a distinct color scheme based on the color of the user's Ki. In Kobi's case, the elements he bends are colored white and are coated with a thin, black aura.

    • Delta's Δ Pyre — Allows its user to bend and manipulate fire that they can conjure or summon themselves.
    • Delta's Δ Zephyr — Allows its user to bend and manipulate wind and air. Typically, Kobi will manipulate the air present in the atmosphere around him, though in cases where he is in a vacuum or on a planet with a weak atmosphere, he can conjure air on his own for a variety of purposes.
    • Delta's Δ Trident — Allows its user to bend and manipulate water (primarily) and other liquid substances (somewhat).  
    • Delta's Δ Harness — Allows its user to bend and manipulate earth and the terrain around them, though they can also conjure earthen materials and constructs themselves.

    Epsilon's ε GauntletsEdit

    The techniques that draw from Epsilon's Gauntlets involve the most basic applications of Ki found in all twenty-four categories, such as basic waves of Ki, (like the Kamehameha) omnidirectional Ki bursts, (like the Super Explosive Wave) and things of that nature. As the name implies, these techniques are typically reliant on their user's hands.

    Zeta's ζ GreavesEdit

    This ability, like Gamma's Cloak, allows a person to augment their physical capabilities for short periods of time, though in the case of Zeta's Greaves, this can only be done for the purpose of travel or transport. The restrictions that this technique uses to define something as "for travel or transport" are relatively loose, so it is equally accurate to define the abilities given by Zeta's Greaves as abilities with the goal of temporarily increasing their user's speed in one way or another. They can be applied in numerous ways, such as teleportation, high-speed movement across short distances, and it can even be used selectively on individual limbs. Under certain conditions, these techniques can be used on other people and objects.

    • Zeta's ζ Accelerator — Essentially an amplified form of Flash Step, allowing Kobi to zip across short distances in literally no time at all. The speed of movement is identical to that of teleportation, but a user of this technique will actually pass through the space they are traveling across. There are a few advantages provided by this distinction  firstly, it uses less ki than actually teleporting, and secondly, it allows the user to build up momentum through movement, increasing the effectiveness of any potential attacks they combine this technique with. This ability can also be cast on individual limbs, allowing Kobi to increase the speed (and, by extension, the force) of his punches and kicks by an incredible amount.
    • Zeta's ζ Mirror — Gives a user access to Isoportation, which allows them to teleport in place. If a situation will allow it, Kobi can cast this technique on others for a small amount of ki, though a capable fighter can defend themselves against this if they are aware of Kobi's ability to do so. 

    Eta's η ShacklesEdit

    This ability gives its user limited control over the concepts of merging and unification. This control comes in both physical and conceptual forms; in other words, Kobi can use Eta's Shackles to literally fuse things together or to create a metaphysical bond between two or more things, and anything in between. The ability to unify granted by this technique is not absolute and has many clear limitations in place, but it is by its own nature still incredibly useful and versatile.

    • Eta's η Hex — This can only be used on two or more biotic targets and will have no effect if used on anything nonliving. Furthermore, the bond established will weaken as more targets are added, (i.e. it is at its strongest when only affecting two targets at once and will get progressively weaker as it starts to affect more) and can be easily broken if it is formed between two targets with a large disparity in dormant ki. It is best used on two (or one, if the user is involved) targets of similar strength, and will have its effectiveness compromised if its user attempts to apply it under less viable circumstances. When used, this ability will establish a metaphysical connection between its targets denoted by a glowing η symbol that will appear on both of them. While the bond is active, both targets will effectively become extensions of one another — when one draws from their ki supply, the other will lose the same amount of ki; when one takes damage, sp will the other; when one heals from an injury, so will the other; when one dies, so will the other; etc., etc. Like the Metamorese Fusion technique, this ability's effectiveness is dependent on the strength of the similarites between its targets. This technique will only be put into effect after the user has made physical contact with both of its targets.
    • Eta's η Mixer — This can be used to combine two inanimate objects into one or fuse pieces of an object into an individual whole. The same restrictions apply as with Eta's η Hex, so this ability is best used to combine objects with distinct or clear similarities present. A user of this ability must be making physical contact with both objects for this to work.
    • Eta's η Claws — Can be used to absorb ki, either from the body of a target through physical contact or by making contact with projectile ki attacks. Under most circumstances, if the ki being absorbed is God ki, it will be converted into normal ki after it is stolen for the sake of ease of use, as someone who wields God ki can nullify a person's attempts to steal their energy if this is not done. If a target is sufficiently weakened or injured, however, Kobi does not need to take this precaution, as seen when he siphoned divine ki from an injured Son Gokū. This allowed him to temporarily access a divine state akin to Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan Rosé, (Kobi took on more traits from Rosé than he did Blue, likely do to his relationship with the Makaioshin) made apparent by the pink and purple color combination his aura was thereafter composed of.

    Theta's θ EyesEdit

    Obviously, the abilities granted by Theta's Eyes are all ocular. This includes passive effects like enhanced visual perception and an increased field of vision, but comes with many active sub-powers of its own as well. While active, this technique causes its user's irises to become white.

    Iota's ι AthanorEdit

    The powers accessible through Iota's Athanor are all alchemical in nature, and typically deal with directly altering the world or area around their user. These include things like transmutation, the ability to enchant items, the ability to brew potions, and various abilities that involve altering reality in bizzare ways.

    Kappa's κ ChainsEdit

    This ability's various uses all involve applying the concept of suppression in some capacity. 

    Lambda's λ BrigandineEdit

    Heavily augments the user's defenses in a limited variety of ways.

    Mu's μ HourglassEdit

    Allows the user a very limited control over the flow of time.

    Nu's ν AmuletEdit

    Grants the user a limited amount of control over space, and allows them to do many of the things they otherwise could not with Zeta's Greaves.

    • Nu's v Apparition — The ability of teleportation, molded after the Kai Kai ability of the gods and the Instant Transmission ability of the inhabitants of Yardrat. In calm situations, Kobi can use the ability to teleport anywhere he wants without restriction, but in the midst of battle, he requires an energy source to lock onto to properly use the ability. Kobi can also cast the technique on other objects, creatures, people, and even projectile energy clusters  so long as he has the ki necessary to do so, he can teleport anything he wants .

    Xi's ξ OrdnanceEdit

    With Xi's Ordnance, a person can conjure a number of ethereal weapons and objects for use in combat.

    Omicron's ο AuthorityEdit

    Allows the user to bend a physical version of the concept of nothingness in various capacities.

    Pi's π BlessingEdit

    Allows the user to synthesize Ki by drawing on the dormant energy present in nature the things around them. The primary purpose this serves is allowing its user to restore their dormant ki supply, though it does have a small number of other applications. Typical uses of Pi’s Blessing require a decent amount of concentration, however, forcing a user of the technique to stand completely still during use. 

    Rho's ρ ElixirEdit

    Allows a person to heal injured body parts, whether they belong to the user or an ally, and restore worn or broken objects to their original condition.

    Sigma's Σ WingsEdit

    Allows the user to transform their body in a variety of ways, causing them to adopt the traits of whatever it is they seek to transform into.

    Tau's τ SabreEdit

    Gives a person a limited amount of control over the concepts of severance and partition.

    Upsilon's υ HelmEdit

    Grants a person limited access to various mental powers, like telepathy, astral projection, mind-reading, though the degree of control given to the user depends on the kind of application they have in mind.

    Phi's Φ MirageEdit

    The applications for this ability all involve the creation and manipulation of illusions in various capacities. The powers of Phi's Mirage were originally tied to Upsilon's Helm, but Kobi decided he could create far more potent illusions by dedicating an entire technique to the art of manipulating them.

    Chi's Χ VoiceEdit

    This technique has both figurative and literal applications, and though both are distinctly different from one another, they each still draw from the concept of enhancing a person's voice. Not only does this give a person the ability to literally weaponize their voice, but it also allows them to place certain objects, creatures, and people under their control.

    Psi's ψ SpiritEdit

    Allows a person to manipulate their own soul to augment the power of and extend the range of their attacks. By extension, this also allows its user to damage the soul of a desired foe, bypassing their defenses and dealing damage analagous to the target's strength. Use of this ability employs the help of a person's spirit, as in their dead body, and consequently, any person who uses this technique sacrifices their right to enter the afterlife.

    Omega's Ω JudgementEdit

    Omega's Judgement draws from the traits of all twenty-three previous abilities and is typically employed with the intent of immediately ending a battle.

    Basic Ki UtilitiesEdit

    • Flight: The ability to fly with the use of Ki.
    • Ki Sense: The ability to sense the presence of others with the use of Ki. Kobi's use of this ability is typically adept, as he is easily capable of distinguishing his surroundings by using his Ki to do so, meaning he can use this ability to sense the presence and movement of people and objects regardless of whether they exude a Ki signature or not.
    • Afterimage Technique: This technique is a short burst of extremely high speed, moving faster than the opponent can sense. This has the side effect of leaving a momentary "after image", until the opponent's senses adapt and realize their target has moved.
    • Ki Blast: The most basic form of energy wave.


    • Kobi's name follows the Saiyan custom of being derived from a vegetable, and is composed of the bookends of kohlrabi, (Kōrurabiコールラビ) a vegetable typically only eaten as part of a salad or slaw. His name is also a bilingual pun on the Greek word κωβι, (read: kobi in Classic Greek or kovi in Modern Greek) a rough shorthand of κωβιός (read: kobiós in Classic Greek or koviós in Modern Greek) meaning gudgeon. Though the word 'gudgeon' is typically only used in a literal context, often referring to a metal pin used in the construction of buildings and sailboats, it is occasionally applied figuratively in place of the word 'pivot' to mean "a person, thing, or factor having a major or central role, function, or effect." 'Gudgeon' can also ironically mean "idiot" or "gullible".
    • Kobi is not the original Super Saiyan, just one from a previous generation. Though the anime seems to imply that the very first Super Saiyan appeared a thousand years before Goku's transformation, the manga simply claims that a Super Saiyan appears every one thousand years, implying that there were a handful of Saiyans who used the transformation before Kobi. Zuno confirms this and further elaborates that historically, Super Saiyans have appeared one at a time and only once every thousand years.
    • The colors of Kobi's Super Saiyan transformation were inspired by a color scheme temporarily used for Super Saiyan Goku in a limited color chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. This is the only instance where a Super Saiyan is seen with white hair, a white aura, and red pupils, and only happened due to Toriyama's decision to limit his color choices to shades of red, brown, and grey when coloring certain manga chapters. Since this chapter was a part of Goku's battle with Frieza, Kobi's application of the color scheme is also intended to note a subtle parallel to the extreme shift in character Goku experienced during his first use of the Super Saiyan transformation. King Kai notes that Kobi shared many aspects of the personality Goku displayed after first transforming, and even remarks that while the Super Saiyans who preceded Kobi all experienced similar personality shifts, watching Goku fight Frieza was "like seeing Kobi raised from the dead."

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