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Supreme kai wallpaper by namekiankai-d27zn33

He looks just like his father

Supreme Kai my version by misspsyb

Kid Kai holding Krillin Jr.'s Axel Blade.

Kid Kai is the last member of the Z warriors in DBXD. He is the son of Supreme Kai. Pan found him when she was saving a town on the Grand Kai's Planet. It is unknown why he is not on his father's planet. He helped Krillin Jr. stall Majin Buu long enough to save Grand Kai. He saw Majin Buu's death when Goten turned Super Saiyan 2 and used a Spirit Bomb with energy from all the worlds, including the spirit worlds. He was shown battling King Kiko's minions while Krillin Jr. was fighting King Kiko. He and the Z warriors met Julia after Krillin Jr. killed King Kiko. He went left in the Ancient Labyrinth. He used the Grand Kai's unlock ability to defeat Cryogen with Julia. He lost to Janemba. His squad partner is Julia.


He created a move that is a mix between Energy's Last and Crazy Rush called Energy's Rush. He is much more powerful than his father. He has the power to freeze time or only freeze a certain number of people in time. It is unknown where he got his time freezing abilities from. He was given a ring called the Kai Ring that gives him incredible powers when properly activated. When using the awakened Kai Ring, he becomes as powerful as a Full Power Super Saiyan 2. When he returned to his father's planet, he and his father had to fuse with the Potara Earrings so they could become more powerful. Since he and his father look so much alike, the only visual difference is that his hair is in the same style as a Super Saiyan 3. When he fused with his father, they became as strong as a Super Saiyan 3.

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