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Vital statistics
Homeworld: Earth
Species: Human-Demon Hybrid
Gender: Male
Birthdate: November 29, 1989
Date of Death: Who the hell knows
Height: 5'7
Hair Color: Brown
Personal Weapons Systems
Energy Basic Attacks: Genki Dama,Reigun,Getsu Tenshou,Ransengan,Shinning Finger
Chronological & Political Information

This article, KaizerKid, is property of GohanRULEZ.

This article, KaizerKid, is property of GohanRULEZ.

This article, KaizerKid, is property of GohanRULEZ.

Hey people.I'm GohanRULEZ.I'm 21 years old,a freshman in college,and a Anime and Video game Otaku.

Link 1:Ichirin on Hana-High and Mighty Color:

Link 2:Closer-Inoue Joe:

Link 3:We are!-DBSK:

Link 4: Velonica-Aqua Timez:

Link 5:Bokutachi wa Tenshi Datta by Hironobu Kageyama:

Link 6:BrEAK by Grimmjow(one of my favorite Espada ^^):

Things about me Edit

I like Writing, reading, watching TV, Anime, video games,surfing the net,walking,hitting stuff,Stargazing,Cooking some times.

Anime I like Edit

1.Dragonball z

2.Bleach 3.One piece


5.Rave Master


7.Full Metal Alchemist

8.YuYu Hakusho


10.Yu-gi-oh!& GX


12.Rockman EXE

13.Fruits Basket

14.G-gundam 15.Gundam Wing

16.Buso Renkin


18.Shaman King

Non-anime I like Edit

1.Teen Titans

2.Ben 10 [img][/img][/url]

3.Ben 10:Alien Force

4.Avatar:the last airbender [img][/img][/url]

5.W.I.T.C.H. [img][/img][/url]

6.A.T.O.M. [img][/img][/url] 7.Ed,Edd,n Eddy

8.Kim Possible [img][/img][/url]

9.Total Drama Island [img][/img][/url]

10.Xiaolin Showdown [img][/img][/url] 11.Martin Myster [img][/img][/url]

12.Family guy(stewie rocks!)

13.Totally Spies

14.X-Men: Evolution

15.The Spectacular Spider-Man

16.Kappa Mikey 17.The Batman


Favorite character Edit

Gohan (Dbz)

Jonouchi (Yu-gi-oh)

Shikamaru (Naruto)

Clay(Xiaolin showdown)

Hibiki (Vandreed) Zoro (One piece)

Al (Fma)

Ryou (Yu-gi-oh gx)



Domon or Recca(Flame of Recca)



Vergil(Devil may cry)

Yusuke(Yu Yu Hakusho)

Likes Edit






Practicing my fighting skills

Online games


Looking at the stars



Sour candy


Hentai(Yes,I'll say it,I'm a perv)

Dislikes Edit

Mortal Kombat vs DC(Really...)

George Bush


Superman(he is so broken)

Rap Music

Sasuke Uchiha(Death to Uchiha)

Flaggers on Youtube(They all need to die)

Chain Letters(Then again,everyone hates them)

Anime Fillers(they all must DIE!!)

Pain(He Blew up Konoha!How can you not hate him?)

The Wait for Kingdom Hearts three!(hurry up Squareenix!!)

Jean Gray(She sucks!)

Lord of the rings(Too fricking long!)

Stark(I lost a bet because of him!!)

Pickles(Please don't ask)

Video Games Edit

Kingdom Hearts(Series)

Devil may cry(Series)

Mortal kombat (all of them)

Lego star wars (Series)

Guilty gear(Series)

Halo ( Series)

Tekken (all of them)

Naruto Games

Super smash brothes (Series)

Viewtiful joe (Series)


Final fantasy(all of them,but 11.11 sucked)

Flatout(Breaking stuff is fun!)

Dead or alive(Series)

Advent rising

X-men legends (1&2)

God of war(Series.Monsters,Gods,Cool weapons.What more could a guy ask for!)

Dragonball Games

Bleach Games

One Piece Games



Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Things I am waiting for Edit

God of War 3 Kingdom hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep

The New FMA Series

Wolverine and the X-Men(YAY IT'S FINALLY HERE and IT'S AWESOME!!:D)

Dragonball Kai

The new DBZ movie

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2(I have been waiting too long!!)

Other Wikis Edit


Naruto Bleach

One Piece

Mortal Kombat


Halo(I think..)

God of War

Kingdom Hearts

Final Fantasy

Many different Fanon wikis(Yay for Fanon!) Rave Master

Avatar:The Last Airbender

Friends on the Wiki Edit

User:Turtle Soup

Things I've done on this Wiki,so far.. Edit

Dragon Buster


Black Dragon Fist


Angenki Dama

Random stuff Edit

Captains of the Gotei 13(my way)

1.Yamamoto=Captain pwnz you hard.

2.Soifon=Captain bitch ninja

3.Naruto=Captain nerves wreck

4.Retsu=Captain mom

5.Ichigo-Captain doesn't like you

6.Byakuaya=Captain better than you

7.Sajin=Captain eats you head

8.Shunsui=Captain massive perv

9.Gohan=Captain nice guy

10.Toushiro=Captain anger problems

11.Kenpachi=Captain is gonna kill you

12.Kisuke=Captain ugly hat

13.Jushiro-Captain Lung cancer.

and that's the gotei 13.


Lion Heart
Final Fantasy VIII - LionHeart00:46

Final Fantasy VIII - LionHeart

Knight of the Round From Final Fantasy:

Ultimate End
Knights of the Round (Ultimate End)01:16

Knights of the Round (Ultimate End)

{|width="50%" border="outset" style="text-align:center; -moz-border-radius:10px"

|style="-moz-border-radius:10px"|Lingering Sentiment Battle |-

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix - Terra Battle10:14

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix - Terra Battle


<center>Omnislash Version 5:</center>
Omni Slash Version 500:24

Omni Slash Version 5

Music Edit

Music types:J-pop, J-rock, Rock.

Bands:, Fall out boy, Linkin' park, Three days grace, Flow, Bump of chicken, Cool joke, Akino, Lemon demon,5050,D-51,Wada Kouji,HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR,Yui,V6.Inoue Joe, Field of view,Janne de arc.There might be more but I can't remember what.

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