The modified Z-Guns.

DBZ Bulma by Cam11

Julia with her hair cut

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Julia is the future daughter of Sora. She is half Saiyan half Human. Like Sora she knows many martial arts but acts more like Vegeta instead of Bulma. She joins the Z warriors after Krillin Jr. (DBXD) killed King Kiko to replace Trunks.She lost to Janemba. She went left in the Ancient Labyrinth. She turned Super Saiyan 2 and defeated Cryogen with Kid Kai (DBXD). Her squad partner is Kid Kai.


Her appearance is the same as Sora's except her hair is longer and she doesn't have a ponytail.


She knows the Galick Gun and Buster Cannon. She created the Z-Guns. The Z-Guns can shoot Galick Guns and Buster Cannons. She killed Hoshi with a Galick Shot. She created the Super Saiyan Rush, in this move she covers her hands with Galick Guns and performs a barrage of attacks. She created a combination of the Galick Gun & the Kamehameha called the GalickKamehameha. She has the ability to turn into an Ascended Super Saiyan 2. She modified the Z-Guns so they would be more powerful in the fight against Broly, Janemba and Shinpaku.

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