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Ian is a powerful human, told to be the "Fighter of Earth" unlike Goku. Goku was sent to this planet by fate. However, Ian was born on this planet, and became the strongest human alive on it.


Ian was born son to Yuin. Yuin, however, is a human that has power that rivals with Ian, but they've never sparred. Ian apparently, told by Shenron, was born to protect this planet with a man called "Goku." While on a journey to find this "Goku." He has encountered many enemies, such as Cui. Cui has returned from Hell, more powerful then ever.


  • Kamehameha
  • Ki blast
  • Full power Ki blast
  • Ki formation [Like making a sword out of Ki]

Equipment [Not shown on the picture]Edit

Hidden Weapons
Steal Stilettos, Dagger.
Handheld [Not shown picture, though]

Power LevelEdit

  • 85,000




He fuses with his dad on occasions for severe training. The name of this fusion is Ian, and surprisingly [I couldn't make up a better name, Lol] his name stays the same. In his picture, he looks like Trunks in Super Saiyan. However, he is human. Do not mistake him for a Super Saiyan. It also shows Ian's sword.

Power LevelEdit

His power level ranges approximantly from Frieza's 100% Form, to Super Saiyan, and may even outclass Super Saiyan to Acsended Super Saiyan.

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