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This is about how do characters from DBZ : NA look.Ofc,Goku,Vegeta and adults are the same.Here,we are talking about Goten,Trunks,Pan and Bra.


Gotens look is simmilar to Goten at the end of DBZ,however there are changes.His hair is somewhat longer and he now wears Goku's outfit.In DBZ : NS he is much more training than going out with girls like he did in GT.

Dbm goten by DPL1

Goten base and Goten SSJ

(Picture From Dragon Ball Multiverse)


In DBZ : NA Trunks is very simmilar to the one in GT just with different clothes.

(Picture from Dragon Ball Multiverse)

Trunks by DPL1

Trunks base and Trunks SSJ


DBZ : NA Pan has much difference than GT one,also,she more likes fighting than GT one.

(Picture From Dragon Ball Multiverse)

Pan DBM col by BK 81

Pan Base

Pan SSJ by firebladenatjox



In DBZ : NA Bra is totally different than the GT one which I hated.She is like her mum and doesn't even want to think about fighting.Still in DBZ : NA everything changes and Bra is also a girl that likes to fight.Also,she is much tall for her ages and is about Gotens size.Also,she can Transform into SSJ2.

(Picture From Dragon Ball Multiverse)

Dulla dbm 1 by DPL1

Bra base,SSJ and SSJ2

That is all you need to knowEdit

Zaiko final version by alessandelpho

Now,when you know how do characters look,you should read Dragon Ball Z : NA and enjoy !