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Gouna,in DBZ time period.

Gouna,is the character of Supervegito22. She is the younger sister of Tarla.

Life before FFEdit

Gouna was born a year after Tarla to Powa and Potani when Goten was. They both had a sibling rivalry,which Tarla often succeeding.One day,when Gouna was one,she was carrying a pound of Coca-Cola,she dropped it,and fell on her head. That's what gave her drastic personality change. She was in critical condition,and Tarla blamed herself. Tarla came up with the idea to move to Dengen when they turned 12 and 13. Gouna had no choice,either face abuse from their father,or leave.So,they stole their parents pods,and went to Dengen.One year later,she was fed up of all this,and she transformed to a Super Saiyan,"Enough! Either we stay on one planet,or go on another! I'm sick of this!" Gouna said,and attacked Tarla. Her sister didn't want to fight her,and almost got killed.She was so guilty,she recorded in her autobiography book,

I wish I wouldn't have transformed,maybe Tarla wouldn't be dead! The Dragon Balls are inert,because Elder-Sama is dead! Now,what can I do! Please,don't kill me! I guess i'll commit suicide if Tarla dies..Edit

Gouna considered suicide,but luckily,Tarla survived.

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