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Gotai is an character in Dragon Ball : NS.He is the result of fusion beetwen Goten and Tai.He doesn't look like them at all.He more reminds on Vegetto.He is shown to be strong enough to beat Nephiya.He also could sense Nephiya.It is unknown why.




Gotai is shown to surpass every Z-fighter.His speed is ubeliveable.It is not much known about him,because Gotai unfused because of Chi-Chi after he destroyed Nephiya.


Gotai's personality is somewhat like Vegetto's and SSJ4 Gogeta's as he finds fun in fighting.He wanted to stay fused forever,because he likes the power he has,however,he unfused because Chi-Chi started to cry and everyone was going to be unhappy.This maked his feelings overpowered his loving of having power so he unfused.After unfusion,Goten and Tai were unconscious,noone knows why.It could be due to their first fusion in this way.


All Tai's and Goten's tecniques:Because Gotai is fusion of Goten and Tai,he knows to use every their tecnique.

Line attack:This attack is posibly improvised by Gotai as he named it just before he fired it.It is fired from one finger.It is very thin and concentrated.Gotai used this attack to trap Nephiya.He could transform this attack into net with moves of his hand.He used this ability to trap Nephiya.

Squezing Orb:This attack makes an orb around Gotai enemy so the enemy can't escape.Then Gotai squezes the orb untill his enemy is destroyed.Gotai uses this attack to destroy Nephiya.As Nephiya is a phenomenom that has some conscious it tried to escape but it was imposible.Then Gotai squezed the ball and Nephiya is destroyed.


  • Gotai isn't similar to Goten and Tai,he more looks like Vegetto.
  • Gotai is the strongest Z-fighter for now.
  • Gotai's personality is hot-headed like most fusions.But he shows to have respect as he said "I don't want to be rude".
  • When Gotai is flying fast he makes a sound "Zippppp".He makes the same sound when teleporting.

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