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Goku is a saiyan.

'Race: Saiyan

Aliases:  Kakarot, Son Goku

Voiced By: Masako Nozawa (JP),

                  Yasuhiko Kawatsu (JP) (Great Ape and Golden Ape Transformtion)

                  Stephanie Nadolny (US) (Funimation Dub, Kid and Child Form)

                  Sean Schemmel (US)  

                  Shane Ray( US)  (Funimation Dub, Great Ape and Golden Ape Transformation)

Debut Manga: Dragon Ball Chapter #1

Debut Anime: Dragon Ball Episode #1

 Appears in: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball SF, Dragon Ball GF, Dragon Ball KD

Date of Birth: 737 Age

Date Of Death: 761 Age

                        762 Age (Revived)

                        767 Age (Revived)

                        774 Age (Revived)


Bardock (Father)

Seta (Mother)

Raditz (Brother)

Rasin (Paternal Grand Father)

Grandpa Gohan (Adoptive Grand Father)

Chichi (Wife)

Ox King (Father in Law)

Ox Queen (Mother in Law)

Gohan (Son)

Future Gohan (Son, Alternate Timeline)

Goten (Son)

Gochan (Son)

Videl (Daugther in Law)

Future Videl (Daughter in Law, Alternate Timeline)

Pan (Grand Daughter)

Future Pan (Granddaughter, Alternate Timeline)

Gail (Grandson in Law)

Hyo (Great Grandson)

Goku Jr. (Great Great Grandson)

Gokan (Ancestral Grandson)

Rohan (Grandson)

Sora (Granddaughter in Law)

Pearl (Great Granddaugther)

Valese (Daugther in Law)   

Gotan (Grand Son)

Yali (Daughter in Law)

Gochi (Grand Daughter)

Krillin (Long Life Best Friend)

Cell (Modiflied Clone)

Android #22 (Modiflied Clone)

Xicor (Half Brother/Modiflied Clone)

Joah (Sister in-law)


Master Roshi



Mr. Popo

Mater Mutiahito


Elder Supreme Kai




Personality Edit

Goku has spiky hair. more...

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