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Race Saiyan
Date of birth August 31
Height 6,5

" I recognise that stench...the repugnant odour of the saiyan lineage...what of you? I'm sure you caught my scent...that, you ungreatful the stench of death. "
— Goken

Goken is an incredibly strong and powerful character that was made up by a brilliant maker. Rumors have spread around, and some people began to believe he was an actual character then started adding on. He was originally supposed to be a fusion of Goku and Goten or a family meber of Goku (son of Goten), but some smart people started the idea otherwise.

Goken can turn into a Super Saiyan and even further beyond as rumors have it, and he has learned the Kaioken attacks from Goku.

His main and one of his important trainer is Piccolo as he was the one that trained him till he became a Super Saiyan therefore making him incredibly strong.

Some people say that if Goken continuse his training he will become the strongest Saiyan alive but since he's just a "fan-made" character it would never happen.

If goken was real I say he would be the son of goten and the nephew of gohan.

His transformations are great ape, super saiyan 1 (2-3 mabey), and as a refference to the new DBZ Battle of The Gods movie Super Saiyan God.

In Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi and Youtube Goken is a very popular name for their hero in Hero mode and if they have a youtube account their very own Fanfiction.

Signature Moves: Kamehameha, Kaio-Ken Attack, True Kamehameha, BingBang Kamehameha, Kaioken X20 Kamehameha, Super Spirit Bomb, Spirit bomb, and Large Spirit Bomb.