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Gogeta is the son of Gohen, granddaughter of Pan, great-grandson of Gohan, and great-great-grandson of Goku. He is also the son of Bullma the second, grandson of Trunks, and great-grandson of Vegeta. Not to be confused with the fusion between Goku and Vegeta.

Gogeta was born from two lines of incredibly powerful saiyans, those two being Vegeta and Goku. From birth the families argued over the child's name whether it should be Goku or Vegeta. It was then, Pan suggested Gogeta. From then on the child was raised under two very different families. While spending time with Trunks he was taught to fight with no mercy, and to be a true Saiyan warrior. With this training he developed arrogance, and became cocky.

With the training he got from Gohen and Pan he learned to love nature, to be funny, and to fight for fun. This made him a combination of pride and joy which turned him into a combination of no mercy, and to be light hearted. From an early age he showed signs of hidden power never shown by anyone else. At five he transformed into a super saiyan astounding Trunks while the two trained in the Time Chamber! At six he entered the World Tournament in the children's division and easily advanced to the finals. Faced off with a young android who was nearly twice the size and age of Gogeta!

The android quickly began dominating until Gogeta unlocked a portion of his hidden power! With a power level great enough to rival King Cold, Gogeta let loose a fury of Kamehamehas and Big Tree Cannons! After the tournament the champion Gogeta had his seventh birthday and was presented with a recovered piece of Saiyan armor which would become his signature outfit. Several months later he was the first to encounter a re-cloned Broly! Broly, believing the boy to be nothing more than a simple boy tried to swat him away with a small ki blast. This caused Gogeta to react with an attack he called his special.

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