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Gochi is the son of Gail and Pan (daughter of Gohan.) Surprisingly Gochi wasn't able to morph into a great ape or a super saiyan. Later he joined Vegeta jr and became an ulitimate tag team somewhat like Tien and Chaozu. Their bond was so amazing that they managed to fuse.

Later Gochi fought against his own mother and surprisingly defeated her. Surprisingly, Pan admitted that Gochi was better then her and maybe even Goten.

Gochi in super saiyan three.

Later Frieza returned with a power level around 60,000,000. After Frieza beat Pan and Gohan, Gochi's emotions got out of control and he used an Ultra Galick Gun. This attack was so strong it detroyed Frieza, and almost killed himself.

Later in his life Gochi began training with Edrik. Edrik first wasn't willing to train him at first, until he saw that he too was saiyan. Even though he never trained Gochi became to become stronger than him, Edrik still spent time with Gochi as a student.

After traing Edrik allowed Gochi to enter a tournament.

SSJ3 Teen Gohan coloured by Barbicanboy

Gochi about to use Ultra Galik Gun against Frieza in super saiyan three.


Vegeta jr and Gochi fusion.

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