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General Proton

King Proton

  • Proton Sama
  • 一般的なプロトン
  • Date of Birth:
  • 700 Age
  • Date of Death:
  • 790 Age
  • Debut:
  • DBGT "Gaiden" Chapter 1
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball GT
  • Family:
  • Queen Arctic (Boss)
  • Cooler (Boss)
  • Kuriza (Boss)
  • Gichamu (Comrade)
  • Raku (Comrade)
  • Zuru (Comrade)
  • Zang (Comrade)
  • Zor (Comrade)

  • General Proton (一般的なプロトン) is a Titanian from Planet Titan. General Proton is a member of the Planet Trade Order and the leader of the Honor Guards. he makes his debut in Dragon Ball GT: Gaiden

    Early Life: Edit

    General Proton was born on the Planet Titan. After his planet is annexed by Frieza, King Proton becomes apart of Frieza's army in 2nd Steller Region Army. He was Guarana's second in command.

    At some point, Beerus came to King Proton's planet and destroyed Planet Titan, just because he felt that the Titanians were too cocky.

    After becoming a very powerful force along with his Titanian comrades (Raku, Zuru, Zang and Zor), King Cold makes them is personal his own very advanced special squadron called the Honor Guards

    Dragon Ball GT: Edit

    Dragon Ball GT: Gaiden:Edit

    After locating Earth, General Proton alogn with the Honor Guards attack Earth for the Dragon Balls along with Queen Arctic, Cooler and Kruzia (Frieza's son).

    Transformations and Power Ups: Edit

    Super Titan (スーパータイタン): Edit

    King Proton (Full Power Titan)

    General Proton transformed into a Super Titan

    General Proton is capable of undergo a transformation known as a Super Titan. It is similar to a Super Saiyan and Super Hera.

    His Body becomes more muscular and his speed and strength greatly increases, making him a formidable foe.

    Techniques and Abilities: Edit

    Bukujustu Technique: A technique that enables the user to use their ki to take flight.

    Ki Blast: The basic form of Ki Blasts.

    Afterimage Technique: Also known as Zanzoken. It is an abilty to move so swiftly that an image of the technique's user is left behind.

    Finger Beam: A energy beam shot from a single finger, that can cause serious damage.

    Barrage Finger Beam: A barrage of Finger Beams,

    Rage Blitz: A red energy ball thrown toward the opponent, using only one hand.

    Super Energy Wave Volley: A barrage of rapid enery waves.

    Proton Flash: A massive stream of green energy unleashing from both hands. It is similar to Vegeta's Final shine attack.

    Hell's Explosion: General Proton's version of the Super Explosive Wave while transformed into a Super Titan. A burst of energy emitted from the user's entire body.

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