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Garrus by ruga rell
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Vital statistics
Homeworld: Geer
Species: Argen
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 5"
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information


Garrus comes from the Argen race, once like humans today, Argens over science and technology have advanced their race and genetically altered them into higher level of species in the Universe. Garrus is an argen male who was raised on the surface of his planet. But soon Frieza's army of super beings soon wiped out the Argen race. Garrus was at the argen age of 12 years old as his parents told him to escape. He snuck into a saiyan pod and with his knowledge of technology launched himself into space. But accidentally activating the hibernation sequence.


During his childhood his parents were extremely kind and wealthy Argens. He learned all he could from them, So he is very kind "man". He treats all wildlife and non threatening hominids with respect and kindness. Although he is deeply saddened that his race was entirely destroyed and he will never find true love. The only thing that keeps him running his lust for revenge against Frieza.

Power and SkillEdit

While asleep in the pod, it crash landed on a very intense planet with gravity over 125 times stronger then earth's he was adopted by a old farmers who over time used him for yard work in return for knowledge of their own race and food. Luckily the old man was once a sparrer of famous tournament on the planet. Once he saw Garrus' potential he gave up on yard work and trained him only on fighting in the tournament. After 10 years of training Garrus became a custom to the gravity and entered the fighting tournament. He was the first foreign species to enter the arena.

He easily won the tournament and gave all the currency to his loving foster parents. But later on found a strange eye prop that was a sacred icon to the people. But he recognized it being one of frieza's men's scouters. He took it and over around 3 weeks configured it to display Argen language. He checked his power level as the scouter showed it being over 10,200. As the rest of this homeworld's race being around 10s to 20s. He then found the saiyan pod he once flew a decade earlier and left.

moves Edit

He only learned two moves from the old man, a energy blast move called Macrox Beam that took around 20 seconds to charge full power. The other was a new technique that made him able to strangely teleport in combat. The rest of his fighting moves were just primal punching, kicking and other strange combo like moves.

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