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How he's formed - he is the fusion of virtually every character in the Dragon Ball Universe and Dragon Ball Fanonverse. Once fused, his battle power level reaches 1 Goggle. He was easily defeated by the all powerful Cosmic Multiverse King. After that, he managed to heal the universe to one of his counterparts Shenron and Black Shenron.

Size - 60 Feet (estimated)

Other Info

Normal battles of the Dragon Ball take place on a planet. This fight took place in open space, where he didn't have to hold back.


Anime FusionEdit

When he fuses with the other Animeverses, he gets virtually unlimited power of at least 100,000,000 Goggle.


Virtually Omnipotent

Comic FusionEdit

Becomes merged with Marvel and DC universes


Reality Warping

Super Saiyan InfinityEdit



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