This article, Fury (Unamed Alien Race) VS. Z-Fighters (Tien, Krillin, Yamcha and 18) (Serious), is property of RFyle11.

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Fury is about to end 18's life before Krillin jumps in and saves her.

The battle between Fury (Alien) VS the Z-Fighters is from Dragonball Extreme. Fury is flying around searching for the Dragonballs until he ran into one of the Z-Fighters. He asks them where are the Dragonballs and they refused to tell him so they begin fighting. He's uses his full power and beats up the Z-Fighters Yamcha tries using his Wolf Fang Fist against Fury but he blocks his attacks and dodge them.

Fury takes down Yamcha with no effort, Tien jumps in and tries fighting him but he got blasted into the ground. 18 tries to beat him but she gets beaten up and Fury is about to end her life until Krillin jumps in and saves her. Krillin uses his Destructo Disc (Kienzan) to take him out but he destroyed it and wiped out the Z-Fighters putting them unconscious. After that he flies up to find the Dragonballs.


Krillin uses the Destructo Disk (Kienzan) against Fury to save 18

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