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Various Character
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: The Dragon Emperor
Birthplace: Planet Earth
Power level: >Omega, <Gogeta.
Homeworld: Earth
Species: Demigod
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown
Height: 6,5
Weight: 400ilbs(Due to Demigod Physiology)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Posting: None
Position: Nothing
Rank: Super Elite
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Personal Weapons Systems
Combat Gear/Armor/Uniform: Ryuuouken
Chronological & Political Information

Fudou is an ancestor of Taisei and is NOT a saiyan but because of his DNA, has contributed to Taisei's natural born immense strength. Fudou is a legendary human Demigod that wields the power of the Dragon at his disposal. He is one of the 10 Gaurdian Generals that are said to be reincarnated every hundreds years or so in earthling lore. Tai's atavism allows him to utilize some of Fudou's power.

Fudou was born around 57 generations before tai was. During The Fudou Gaiden spinoff series it is not ever disclosed who his parents were or if he has any family, but it is proven to be incosequential to to the story anyway. After becoming aware of his blood, Fudou became the founder of the new generation of 10 guardian generals alongside Durako and Gyougai, two of which prove to be some of his greatest allies throughout the series, not to mention fellow demigods. Before the 10 generals, Fudou was also the strongest of the "Monster Trio" whom of which he composed alongside his two greatest allies. 

Creation & ConceptionEdit

Many characters in the Dragon Ball Fanon community across the entire span of the internet are saiyans. Despite already having created a Saiyan, the author of this character wanted to stray away from the more generic, overused saiyans, out of respect for Akira Toriyama and his decision to leave only a few saiyans left behind after the destruction of planet vegeta and the events of the Dragon Ball manga. The result was Fudou, the Dragon Demigod ancestor of Taisei the Saiyan.


Fudou is appears as a surprisingly youthful young male adult in spite of his supposed age. He is eternally youthful, and does not age above the prime that he has already reached, constantly remaining rejuvinated and suspended in his youth for the duration of his existence. He does not age physically, and his body is constantly kept in peak condition for fighting and martial arts. Fudou has black, long hair which slightly goes over shoulder length and courses down his back, with a pair of shining jewel-like eyes. Fudou's hair stands naturally spiked upwards with several bangs falling just over his face and forhead. His hair continues to spike up forming a single nexus point at the very center of his head, trailing down his back as the hair on his head continues to arc backwards.

Fudou's signature attire is usually blood red clothing, which has become a staple of his character. Upon his initial appearance Fudou wore a short jacket and combat pants both of which were colored a dark red. He wielded the Ryuuouken which floated behind his back as if fastened to it by an invisible sheath, ready to be torn away from his shoulder via a swift drawing movement when he uses it for battle. He also wore a pair of combat boots highly similar to that of a saiyan warriors, and had a black tank top underneath his jacket which gave him a somewhat similar appearance to that of Future Trunks. Being eternally youthful, it is also notice that Fudou has a distinctive lack of wrinkles and anger lines in comparison to some of the more generic Dragon Ball characters, lacking creases around his mouth and eyes. After the events of The Icejin plague, Fudou changed his outfit to one that was once again strikingly similar to Trunks', the one he wore during the events of DragonballGT, however there are present color differences which are only futher accentuated by the difference in physical appearance.


Fudou is oddly saiyanlike in spite of his general human disposition. He loves the life and honor of a warrior and is constantly looking for new battles and opponents to defeat in battle. He is rather odd and can even seem psychotic at times, and is shown to be at his happiest and most joyful when locked in the heat of battle, even if he has sustained heavy injuries. Upon touko asking him why he carried around a sword when he clearly didn't need it, he replied "Because i get off on hacking guys to pieces" plainly and casually. Fudou actually has a habit of touching, and even breaking the fourth wall, claiming that he "would not be an interesting protagonist" and on several occasions has mentioned he is "more suited to the path of a villain". 

He jokingly takes all battles in stride and has a habit of exhibiting juvenile and lazy behavior even when the staunt danger of life and death is immediately present. He seems to lack any fear whatsoever, and has even smiled and laughed in the face of death repeated times. He is extremely, unimaginably headstrong with willpower that may even surpass his immense physical might. Fudou enjoys pretending that he is weak in order to deceive and manipulate his opponents, something he has become a master of over the years. He does not discriminate between male or female opponents, and has great faith in a woman warriors ability.

Innate AbilityEdit

Power LevelEdit

Fudou's Power Level is easily within a realm that approaches godlike proportions. Being a Demigod, his body is capable of increasing and harnessing greater far greater amounts of energy than most living beings. Because of this, Training usual results in extremely great strides of power increasing in his body. SeitenTaisei's Daizenshuu shows that while no specific number is given on Fudou's power, he is stronger than Omega Shenron, but weaker than SSJ4 Gogeta was at the time of their fight. Fudou's power manifests itself in the form of a bright red Kaio-ken-like aura that surrounds his body, emitting dark black sparks of bio electricity during particularly grand periods of focus or power unleashing on behalf of fudou himself. Upon witnessing his aura, Piccolo assumed that Fudou's body was in a constant, inextinguishable state of Kaio-ken due to the sheer intensity that his ki burned at, aswell as the incredible speeds at which his energy ascended when he powered up.

Strength LevelEdit

Fudou is in posession of exceedingly MIND BLOWING strength, which is only fitting for a Demigod. His strength is such that he can hit enemies without ever making physical contact with them, his punches carrying so much weight and force behind them that merely throwing them in the general direction of his enemies hurls a wave of a compressed, superheated air generated by the force of his fists. Trading blows with an opponent of equal stature can cause entire worlds to feel the aftershocks of his combat, as entire mountains and miles of landscape of been erased in the blink of an eye thanks to the mere shockwaves left in the wake of Fudou's blows.

Speed LevelEdit

Fudou has extremely great combat and movement speed. He can throw his attacks so quickly that he creates the illusion of multiple limbs, and can engage in a blitz of attacking his enemy from all sides that is so fast, it seems that he exists in more places than once due to how many afterimages are attacking at one time. He seems to make liberal usage of his ability to form afterimages, often spawning dozens of clones in order to confuse his opponents should they not be able to focus on his true ki signal.

Demigod PhysiologyEdit

Fudou's Demigod body is the reason for many of his incredible superhuman capabilities. Due to having muscle and bone that is by nature as strong as concrete with reinforced kevlar woven into it, aswell as a muscle setup which is more elaborate than any hyperion complex, Fudou's tissue and cells are generally far more effective and powerful than any normal human. His unique body also allows him to perform a variety of otherwise impossible feats such as breathing in the void of space, existing on the surface of the sun without sustaining damage, and casually surviving and functioning in absolute zero temperatures. 


Dragon MorphEdit


Fudou's Dragon Transformation

Similar to Oolong, Fudou has the ability to shapeshift and transform his body into different physical manifestations, the most infamous and most used of which is his Dragon Transformation. Using his shapeshifting, Fudou transforms his body and morphs into a miniscule asian Dragon with red scales. The ability seems to be magical in nature and the root of it is not yet known or fully understood, but the purpose is clear. This form restricts and holds back the true extent of Fudou's power to such a degree that it becomes nigh nonexistant. Morphing into his Dragon Form causes him to become hidden and disguised from enemies that he does not want to face or have the trouble of encountering. For a long while, Fudou actually preferred to use this form when conversing with others, to the point they weren't even aware of his ability to assume a humanoid state, aka his true form. There is a legend that continues to circulate around Fudou's legacy, being that he is a legendary warrior that can take on the powers and abilities of the mighty dragon via transforming his body. In truth, and as one can see, the true extent of his power and imposing nature in this form is less than underwhelming. While in this form however, Fudou obtains several powers and abilities that allow him to mimick and perform the mystic abilities of a Dragon, though they are by no means combat oriented.

Gekiretsu HoukouhaEdit

Fudou's signature attack. He will hold his arms out by his sides and create two large, dark black ki spheres that are amost as tall as himself. These spheres generate a constantly flow of blood red electricity that streaks over and around their surfaces. Fudou will then smash these energy spheres together infront of his chest causing them to combine and be unleashed in the form of a gigantic energy wave with exceptional destructive power behind it, easily capable of erasing the atoms of physical beings hit by it.




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