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This article, Frost (DBNA), takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball timeline.
Alternate names Galactic Emperor Frost
Lord Frost
Overlord Frost
Appears in Dragon Ball New Age
Race Unknown
Affiliations Freeza (Grandson)
Cooler (Grandson)
King Cold (Son)

Frost ( フロスト, Furosuto) is one of the most significant upcoming villains in the online fan-manga Dragon Ball New Age. His name follows his family’s name pun, being things that are cold.

Design and appearanceEdit

Frost is designed to be the penultimate member of the race that he and his family beling to. He has Cooler's body mass, and build, but is noticably more streamlined and smooth. His "dome" segment is like Cooler's, while the segments on his shoulders, forearms, and shins more closely resemble Freeza's. The segment on his chest is absent.

Frost's color is unique amongst his family, as he is green, rather than white, or a shade of purple.


Frost is set to be introduced as the owner of the Planet Trade Organization, as well as being the grandfather of Freeza and Cooler.


Not much is currently known about Frost's personality.


Frost's history has yet to be divulged.

Power Level and AbilitiesEdit

As of yet, Frost's power and abilities are unknown.


Frost possesses traits all similar to Freeza and Cooler, though far more sleek and stream-lined. His smooth green body was perfectly suited for combat. He is also noted for not having a nose.

Techniques and special abilitiesEdit

  • Ki Blast - the most basic form of energy wave.
  • Flight — Like almost all Dragon Ball characters, Frost is able to fly through use of his ki.
  • Telekinesis — Frost can lift or move large objects through the air with his mind.
  • Teleportation — A unique ability to teleport nearly anywhere.
  • Frost, like his grandsons Freeza and Cooler, is able to survive even the most horrific injury, even decapitation and incineration. He can also survive in space.

Other traits and abilitiesEdit

  • Frost can breathe without atmospheric air, enabling him to survive in space.


  • Frost being the final villain of DBNA is a throwback to when Freeza was originally intended to be the final villain of Dragon Ball Z. In the words of fans and DBNA creator MALIK, “The series was supposed to end with a Changeling, so it shall end with a Changeling."
  • Frost is unique among members of his race for lacking a nose.