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Frieza Jr

Frieza Jr. preparing a Dominator Death Wave.

Frieza Jr., also known as Junior Frieza, is Frieza's only daughter, yet an outstanding threat to Goku an his friends.


He is exactly like Frieza, except in size, which is a bit smaller.Frieza killed kirllin before.


He uses techniques based on his father's ones, but more powerful as obvious.

  • Rage Beam: he fires a ray from his finger.
  • Dominator Death Wave or Dominator Wave: he prepares a powerful electric ball and throws it to an opponent. It is capable of destroying a medium-sized mountain.


This list is incomplete; not all forms are listed. When an episode introduces a new form, it will be added.

Just like his father, he has various forms throughout the series.


His base form is just like his father's final form.


When Frieza Jr. gets in this state, a good amount of red aura covers his body, and some muscles start to grow.

It is possible to compare this form to a x10 Kaioken or even an untrained Super Sayan.

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