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Fallen earth saga

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Fallen Earth Saga Takes place in the year 2010. This is the 3rd Saga in Dragonball Omega

After the Undead Saga, Deivii (the main character) along with his training partners Maiku & Danii and their master Hitsurgui returned to Hitsurgui Dojo and continued training. After 6 months a strange hole appeared in the ground in the centre of Satan City, from which fallen evil from over 1000 years ago came through, including Cell and Freiza....will the Z-Fighters be able to handle them.

Chapters Edit

  • 21 - TBC
  • 22 - TBC
  • 23 - TBC
  • 24 - TBC
  • 25 - TBC
  • 26 - TBC
  • 27 - TBC
  • 28 - TBC
  • 29 - TBC
  • 30 - TBC

Characters Edit

This is the list of characters that are in the Fallen Earth Saga

Main Characters Edit

Heroes Edit

Villains Edit

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