This article, Episode 6: Time Is Ticking, Master The 200x Kamehameha!!!!, is property of AWF4life.

Goku: Okay then Goten. We shall Now Test Our Absolute Limits and Shatter them!

Goten: Don't you Think that's kinda extreme?!

Goku: No. I'm trying to master a Technique that will help us defeat the demonic Saiyans

Goten: Well then ,(Goes Super Saiyan 2) LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!

Goku: (Starts to ram towards Goten) HA HA HA!!! (Fires 20 Ki Blasts)

Goten: KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!! (Fires a Kamehameha Wave)

Goku: Hmph! (Goes Super Saiyan 5) KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!! (Fires a Kamehameha Wave)

Goten: NRGH! x10!!!!!!!! (increases the strength of his Kamehameha by 10)

Goku: That's It Goten! x30!!!!!! (increases the strength of his Kamehameha by 30)

Goten: x60!!!!! (increases the strength of his kamehameha by 60)

Goku: x150!!!!! ( Increases his kamehameha by 150)

Goten: x170!!! (Increases His Kamehameha by 170)

Goku: Nearly there. x180!!!!!! (increases his Kamehameha by 180)

Goten: x190!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (increases His Kamehameha By 190)


Goten: What's going on?!!!


Goten: Oh! I know what's going on!!!!

Goku: x200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (increases his Kamehameha by 200)

Goten: HOLY MOLEY!!!!!! (Reverts from the pressure of his Kamehameha)

Goku: There I have mastered the Kamehameha x 200! Thanks son!

Goten: No problems, dad!


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