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Goku: We Must Prepare For Them!!!

Gohan: Prepare For Who?

Goku: The Demonic Sayains; Nappa And King Vegeta

Gohan: Those Creeps?!!!

Goku: Yes, Exactly

Goten: Who Are Nappa And King Vegeta Anyway?

Gohan: Goten, Nappa And King Vegeta Are Evil Saiyans That Years Ago Before You Were Conceived Me And Our Dad Defeated Them.

Goku: Exactly Gohan, But Only The Evil Sides Of Them Have Been Unleashed And Will Be Here Within A Matter Of Months

Goten: Are You Sure It Will Take THAT LONG?!!!!

Goku: I believe Thats What Raditz Said

Goten: Well Then! He Must've Not Checked His Time Before He left

Goku: They Do Not Have Time In HFIL, Goten!

Goten: Oh....Okay (laughs) Man i Was And idiot!!!!!

Goku: Anyway Were Getting Off My Original topic

Gohan: Oh Yes!

Goten: Okay Then

Goku: If We Are To Beat the Demonic Saiyans We Must start Our training Immediatly

Gohan: Okay then But I cannot Start Today I Have Night SHIFT IN A Hour

Goten: I Will Train With You!

Goku: Alright Then Goten This training Will Test You Physical And Mental Limits

Goten: I Hope I'm Ready For This Intense Training Bring it Dad!

Goku: Well Then! HA! (Turns Into Super Saiyan) Lets Get Started!

Goten: HA!!!! (Turns Into Super Saiyan) Here We Go!!!

Goku: (Starts Charging A Giant Ki Blast) I Hope You Can Dodge This Within 3 Seconds !!!!!!

Goten: Hmmmmmmmm...

Goku: HAAAA!!!! (Fires His Ki Blast)

Goten: (Zanzokens Out Of The Way) He!

Goku: Good Job Goten!, Now Lets Practice Our Melee And Ki Attacks!!


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