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Dragonball Xz, dark TRUNKS Saga, Episode 4 - "Four Super Saiyans - dark TRUNKS is Toast"

Episode GuideEdit

dark TRUNKS chuckles at the Super Saiyans and the fight begins. It's pretty intense, but the Saiyans are winning easily. dark TRUNKS is laughing the whole time, though.

"Why are you laughing?" Vegeta asks.

"Because, you amuse me with your sad attempts at beating me." dark TRUNKS says.

"What? We are kicking your ass!" Vegeta yells.

"Oh really now?" dark TRUNKS says before charging a black beam. "BIG TREE CANNON!"

dark TRUNKS fires his Big Tree Cannon, but it's black. It hits Vegeta in the face and he passes out.

"VEGETA!" Goku yells.

The fight continues but dark TRUNKS is still losing and still laughing.

"He's laughing again. Is this guy even sane?" Goten asks.

"Partially..." dark TRUNKS says. At this moment, he instantly stops getting knocked around. All the hits they are dishing out are now doing nothing to him. He then laughs some more as he kicks Goten in the face. Goten lands on Vegeta and passes out.

"GOTEN!" Goku yells.

The episode ends with the remaining two Saiyans wondering if they can win.

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