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Dragonball Xz, dark TRUNKS Saga, Episode 2 - "Evil By a New Name"

Episode GuideEdit

The screen zooms in on the crater. It's full of smoke. The smoke clears. You see Trunks get out of it, but it's at an angle where you can't exactly make out who's there. The not clear image of Trunks looks up Korin's Tower and suddenly launches himself up.

It goes to Goku, Vegeta , Gohan , and Goten . They are flying to the Lookout.

"Man," Goku says. He's on Gohan's back (he's still a kid). "Omega Shenron was tough. I'm glad Trunks could take back the Dragonballs for me. I'm feeling tired."

"I don't blame you," Goten says, "You were really fighting hard today."

"Hmp," Vegeta says, "If I was the one who beat him, I'd still be able to fly, Kakarot."

"Give him a break. He really deserves the rest." Gohan says.

Goku falls asleep.

Back at the Lookout, Popo is doing yardwork. A shadowy image of Trunks drops down. Popo looks up and goes, "Oh, Trunks, I see you brought the Drago--" You hear a punch and a yelp from Popo. Dende comes out of the room he was in. "Mr. Popo, what is all the noise out here?" Dende looks at Trunks. "Oh, dear God, what is that?"

The camera goes back to the four Z-Fighters. They all suddenly stop.

"Did you feel that?" Goten says.

"Yeah, it feels...powerful." Vegeta says.

"It's coming from the Lookout...and I don't feel Popo's energy..." Gohan says.

They rocket towards the Lookout as fast as possible.

Back at the Lookout, Dende is running from the shadow of Trunks, trying to escape. Suddenly, the Z-Fighters land. Dende keeps running, but Trunks stops and turns to them.

"Trunks, where's the evil power we sensed?" Gohan asks.

"Right here," Trunks says in an evil voice.

The camera suddenly focuses and Trunks comes into full view. But it isn't Trunks, it's dark TRUNKS.

The episode ends.

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