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Dragonball Xz, dark TRUNKS Saga, Episode 1 - "The Darkness Awakens"

Episode GuideEdit

There is a flashback to Omega Shenron diying.

Goku is lying on the ground next to the Dragonballs. Everyone runs up to see if he is okay. Slowly, Goku wakes up. They turn to the Dragonballs, but instead of Shenron appearing, they remain. They assume the balls are still broken, so they need someone to take them to Dende. Trunks picks them up and volunteers to take them to Dende.

Trunks takes off with the Dragonballs in his pockets. He has some flashbacks to various points in GT like Bebi. As he does this, he hears murmurs in the background throughout the flashback. Slowly, the voice becomes more audible and finally you hear the word "Trunks".

"What the?" Trunks thinks "Did someone call my name?"

He shakes it off as if nothing happened and continues on to Korin Tower. Once he reaches there, he starts to have flashbacks of the Shadow Dragons. This time, the voice is really loud in the background and the edges of the screen get dark. The images get blurry as the screen goes darker and the voices louder. It cuts back to Trunks, who is writhing in pain. He screams as you hear an evil voice laughing before he passes out and falls. After hitting the ground after falling, he leaves a crater.

The voice dies down as the episode ends.

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