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Its been 7 long years since the defeat of omega shenron and the peaceful life style of Goku will be interrupted by a terror beyond imagining!

The Earth Quakes As The Foundations Of Capsule Corp Begins To Erode A Little.

Bulma: Guys, I just got back from capsule corp and there are flames coming out near the


Gohan: We better check it out

Goku: What The Heck Is This?!

Gohan: I Do Not Know Dad, But Its Sure Powerful!

A Hole Is Created As The Earthquake Stops

It Then Reveals A Giant Flame Revealing An Infamous Foe

Goku: HA! Not Him Again!

????: Bwahahahaha! Yes It Is Me! RADITZ!

Gohan: I Remember You! You Kidnapped Me When I Was A Young Boy

Goku: But You Seem A Little Different

Raditz: A You've Noticed For I Am Not The Raditz You Knew! I Am His Evil Side Split Apart From His Body!

Gohan: But Dont You Need A Body?!

Raditz: No, My Boy; You See When The Good And Evil Parts Of Your Body Split The Side That the Body Uses Completey Dies And Is Useless.

Goku: Your A Monster Raditz!

Raditz: Oh Am I Now?!

Gohan: YES!

Raditz: How About This (Closes His Eyes) Keep Your Eye On The Birdie!

A Purple Beam Slams Into Gohan Making Him Fall Unconscious

Goku: Gohan!!!! Raditz You Monster!

Raditz: Well Thats What You Get When You Mess With ME!

Goku: This Time Raditz You Will Die!!

Raditz: Hmph! Bring It!


Raditz: Hmmmm... Your A Super Sayain eh?!

Goku: Yes I Am!


(Raditz Screams In Pain As He Becomes A Super Demonic Sayain)

Raditz: Are You Ready?

Goku: Yes!


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