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Dragonball Xz, dark TRUNKS Saga, Episode 13 - "Super Dark Saiyan"

Episode GuideEdit

As the beams hit dark TRUNKS, the aura explodes.

"We won!" Goku yells.

"Not so fast," dark TRUNKS says in a demonic voice.

"What?" Goku asks.

The smoke clears to reveal dark TRUNKS in a new form. His skin is red, his hair is purple, and he's really muscular like an Ultra Super Saiyan.

"What is that?" Vegeta asks. As he does this, dark TRUNKS teleports in front of him and knees him in the face.

"Vegeta!" Gohan yells. As he does this, dark TRUNKS teleports behind him and elbows him in the back of the head.

"Brother!" Goten yells. As he does this, dark TRUNKS teleports to his side and chops him in the pancreas.

"Vegeta! Gohan! Goten!" Goku yells. "What are you?"

"I'm the being that will murder you all. I am the Super Dark Saiyan," dark TRUNKS says.

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