This article, Episode 13: Next Up, Vegeta!; Big BANG Galic Gun Vs 30x Dark Galick Gun!!, is property of AWF4life.

Vegeta: Goku, If I Dont Make It. Tell Bulma I Love Her

Goku: Okay Then Vegeta

Demonic Vegeta: He! I Never Cared For That Servant Woman

Vegeta: Shut UUUUUUUUUUUPPPP!!! (Turns SSJ) No-One Speaks About My Wife That Way!!!!

Demonic Vegeta: He... You Dont Think I Cant Beat You?!! I CAME PREPARED!!!!!!! (Turns Into An Advanced Demonic Saiyan)

Vegeta: Boom Spear! (Fires A Giant Spear Of Ki)

Demonic Vegeta: Damn! (Is Hit) Darn You!!!!

Vegeta: Hmph! HA! (Fires A Strong Blast of Ki At Demonic Vegeta Blasting Him Into A mountain)

Demonic Vegeta: You Think Your Funny?!! Grgh! Dark Bang Attack!!!!!!! (Fires A Black Big Bang Attack At Vegeta)

Vegeta: Refelction Ray! (Deflects The Attack Back At Demonic Vegeta) RAGH! (Lunges Forward As He Begins To Pound Demonic Vegeta)

Demonic Vegeta: (Gets Hit By His Own Ray And Then Beaten Up By Vegeta) Damn Yooooooooou!!!

Vegeta: Grgh! (Turns SSJ2) Now! Prepare For My Beam Of Purple Ki!!!!! (Fires A Beam Of Storng Purple Ki)

Demonic Vegeta: (Gets Hit in The Leg But By A Miracle Did Not Hit A Nerve) GRAAAAAAAAAA+GGGGGHHHH!!!! Darn you!!!!

Vegeta: Hmph! I Was Not Joking When I Said I Will Beat You!

Demonic Vegeta: You'll Never Beat MEEEEEEEE!!!!! 30x Dark Galick Guuuuuuuuuunnnnn!!!! (Fires A Dark Version Of The Galick Gun) DIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Vegeta: I Can Counter That With This! BIG BANG GALICK GUN!!!!!!!! (Fires A Big Bang Galick Gun Attack)

Goku: C'mon! Wait A second! If The Dark Galick Gun Is A Evil Version Of the Original Galick Gun And The Big Bang Galick Gun Is A Mixture Of The Big Bang Attack And The Galick Gun Attack Then... THE BIG BANG GALICK GUN'S STRONGER! Vegeta Increase The Power Of Your Big Bang Galick Gun By 20 It Will Overpower His Dark Galick Gun!

Vegeta: Yes! It Makes Perfect Sense!!!! x20!!!!!!!! (Increses The Power Of his Big Bang Galick Gun By 20) Grrrrrraaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!

Demonic Vegeta: No! No! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (Dies From The Pressure Of Power Of The Big Bang Galick Gun)

Vegeta: Ha....Ha.....Ha.....Ha....Ha...The Deed Is Done! (smiles)

Goku: Yes And Now! We Now Face Your Father

King Vegeta: What A Wast of Saiyan Blood! (Stomps And Breaks Nappa And Demonic Vegeta's Skulls)

Goku: WHA!

Vegeta: You Monster Of a Father!

King Vegeta: Exactly!

Goku: I Hope I Can Destroy You! Raditz I hope Your Ready!

GS Raditz: Yes Kakarot! Lets Destroy This Monster!

Goku: Lets Go!!!!!


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