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Ena is the sister of Tien Jr. and she is not afraid of the androids.

Manga name Ena Paula
Alternate names Ena Anne Paula
Debut Dragon Ball Z Episode # 4
Appears in Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball KD, Dragon Ball WL, Dragon Ball ND
Date of birth 728 Age
Date of death 742 Age (Revived)
May, 767 Age (alternate timeline)
774 Age (Revived)
792 Age (DBGT) (Revived)
Height 5"9 (adult)
Weight 7"10 (adult)
Family Future Ena (counterpart, alternate timeline)
Tien Jr. (Brother)
Clarabelle (Sister)
Brin (Sister) Tura (Brother-in law)
Chi-Chi (Sister-in-law)
Goku (Helper)
Goku Jr. (Great-Great-Great-Great Grandson)
Krillin (Mentor)
Android 18 (Niece)

Personality Edit


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