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El Kame Hame was a Spanish fighter who was similar to Zorro. He appeared in Dragonball AF. He was seen at a world tournament. His origin is he was a man named Yarn who was a Spanish martial artist who moved to Immecka. When Dr Myuu's army killed everyone he escaped. He went back on Earth. He was trained by Master Roshi. He disappeared one day and was never seen again. People thought he died or was hit by a plane when he was flying and died and fell in the ocean. But he actually became a vigilante named El Kame Hame who looks like Zorro but dresses in yellow instead of black. Yarn learned the attack known as Kame Hame Hame ho! He fought Son Goku and was very hard to beat. He defeated Piccolo and Krillin at the tournament. He later befriends them. He learned the ability to be superhuman.

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