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It's Played On DBZ Tenkaichi 3Edit

The PastEdit

In The Events Of Dragon Ball :

Instead Of Raditz Coming Later He Comes Now

Kid Goku Fights Radits And His Ape Form But Looses!

Many Years LaterEdit

Goku Defeats Radits Once And For All Then He Tells Them About The Dragon Balls. Then Nappa Comes By Himself And Destroys Everyone But Goku, Gohan, And Krillin. Later Vegeta Comes. He Is Defeated By Those Three. But With Courage They Fight King Vegeta! King Vegeta Kills Krillin And Goku Turns Enraged And Turn To A Super Saiyan And Wins!

Extended Addition Edit

Then Bardock Comes And Defeats Turles The Both Go To The Very Limit And Die!

Later: Broly Comes Goku Fights Him And Then He Looses! Goku Has Lost But Goten Comes And Fights Him But Wins!Edit

Goku Gos Back In Time To Make Sure This Never Happens He Beats Radits In The Past!

But Broly Comes To Defeat Kid Goku But Instead He Turns Super Saiyan ! Even Then He Was Loosing And Lost His Shirt!. Goku (GT) Turns Super Saiyan 3 And Defeats Him Then Everything Else Is Back To Normal

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