#8 Launch's Visit with the Dragon Balls
Hosted By Announcer
Eliminated Krillin
Challenge Make a wish for the Dragon Balls then touch Launch's underwear
Winner Bardock
Writer of Episode Baby Luigi Chomps


Things are getting complicated. Fasha is voted off from the show. Also, Videl was bugging a monster along with Fasha. Fasha bugged Bardock, but Bardock told her that she has to leave him alone for a while.

Let's go back...

Launch arrives to the show.

Launch: What's that?

Suddenly, a bee tickles Launch's nose.

Launch: Oh, no! Not again.

All the contestants arrive.

Ox-King: It's Launch!

Launch: A-A-A-CHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Launch later sneezes into her violent side.

Launch gets angry.

Goku: What!!

Vegeta: Kakarot, that's Launch! DO you know her?

Piccolo: Hmph. Launch is really mean.

Gohan: What?!

Launch: Hey, Tien!

Tien Shinhan: Launch?

Launch: Hey, Tien!

Tien Shinhan: I see you Launch. Things are getting really complicated.

Chi-Chi: What?

Launch: Hmph. That must be an overal thing.

Hercule: NO IT'S NOT!!!!

Vegeta: SHUT UP!!!

Launch: Hmph, that is the most bad thing I saw.

World Tournament Announcer: We have another challenge! It is... grand a wish from Shenron with the Dragon Balls and touch this little underwear! The result whoever wins gets a chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate cake, and the Barbecue Lays Chips! Here is our gold medal from winning the challenge. There will be three medals: a gold one, bronze, and silver. So, Launch is here to help you. And, everyone must get something great. Make a great wish, then touch Launch's underwear, so we will begin soon!

Goku: That took so long for you to talk.

Launch: Huh?! HOW CAN I HELP?!!

Videl: That's not nice...

Ox-King: What...

Krillin: EASY!!!!! YOU **** SHITTY GUY WHO VOTED OFF 18!

Ox-King: Calm down.

Launch: That has nothing to worry about. Tien, what are you doing?!

Tien Shinhan: Uhh...

Yamcha: He's doing nothing that Tien is a great stalker!

Launch: Hmph.

Bardock: Things are getting complicated.

Later on, Bardock wins the challenges.

At the elimination, Launch, Announcer, and Ox-King have five brushes left.

The remaining ones where Krillin, Goku, Chi-Chi, Hercule, and Videl.

Suddenly, Launch sneezes into her good state.

Launch: This is the elimination. Anybody who doesn't get a brush is out.

Bardock has a chocolate chip cookie, chocolate cake, and his BBQ lays chips with him with his brush.

Suddenly, Videl, Hercule, and Goku received one from Launch, Ox-King, and the Announcer.

Announcer, Launch, and Ox-King: This is the final brush to either Krillin or Chi-Chi. Anybody who doesn't receive a brush is done.

Launch: The final brush goes to...












Launch: Out, Krillin.

Krillin: I want to come back.

Chi-Chi: Things are really complicated, Gohan.

Kid Gohan: I know, mom.

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