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#3 Bowling
Hosted By World Tournament Announcer
Ox King
Eliminated Pan
Challenge Coconut bowling
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode Baby Luigi Chomps


Bulma was eliminated for not getting berries

Goku: Another day!

Android 18 was kissing Krillin on the cheke.

Krillin: I'm gonna have to die!

18: Why?

Kid Gohan: Dad?

Everybody: Boo!

World Tournament Announcer: Our challenge today is coconut bowling!

18: What?

General Tao: Guess it's fun!

World Tournament Announcer: Haha! You will be, Tao! We are going to start playing the game in a minute!

Videl: I don't know how it goes.

Hercule: I'll teach you, Videl.

Teen Gohan: Hey! I dropped my broccoli!

Gohan: I never heard of this game before!

Pan: Shit! Stupid game!

Goku: I know this one!

World Tournament Announcer: Good!

Pan: F**ck! S**ty game! I am going to H*LL!

GT Goku: ...

Vegeta: Pan, you will have to be eliminated because you are complaining about this game!

Pan walks away to the forest of losers as they all began bowling.

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