This article, Dragondemonium/Eps.2, is property of Baby Luigi Chomps.

#2 First Challenge
Hosted By World Tournament Announcer
Ox King
Eliminated Bulma
Challenge Pick berries
Winner Everyone except Bulma
Writer of Episode Baby Luigi Chomps

After Android 19 was eliminated, the Z fighters saw him walk away to the forest of losers when Krillin and 18 saved the picnic. 19 died in the forest because he could not breath. The Z fighters heard of 19's death. 18 and 17 heard too. One day, they all went to pick some berries. "Who ever picks the biggest berry will stay on here and the ones with more berries! The person who does not get berries is eliminated, so be careful!" said the World Tournament announcer.

As they all picked berries, they saw a tume of 19. The person who has the biggest berry was Hercule. Bulma didn't get any berries. The World Tournament announcer said, "TIME OUT!" Goku said, "Okay!" "Hercule got the biggest berry!" he shouted. "who has no berry?" The World Tournament announcer asked. "It's Bulma who has no berry!" everybody else shouted. Bulma was eliminated.

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