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Dragonball z vs x men is a fan fiction movie series by Elcidboy. In the first movie The x men accidentally come to the dragonball universe. Master Roshi meets Professor X. Goku meets Cyclops. Chi Chi meets Jean Grey AKA Marvel girl. Vegeta meets Wolverine. Gohan meets Havok. Trunks meets Vulcan. Krillin meets Multiple man. Videl meets Storm. Yamcha meets Iceman. Piccolo meets Beast. Android 18 meets Kitty. Tien meets Gambit. Chaotzu meets Rogue. They all become friends. The X men want to see if their stronger than them. The same as the Z fighters. One day Goku fights Cyclops. Goku wins by turning into a super saiyan three and energy blasting Cyclops. Wolverine beats Vegeta since he has a healing factor and hes the most powerful superhero in Marvel basically. The movies include

Dragonball z vs X men

Dragonball z vs X men 2

Dragonball z vs X men 3

Goku and his friends and the x men

Dragonball z and x men compete in budokai

Dragonball z vs X men 4

Dragonball z vs X men 5

The X men go back to their universe

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