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(I'm not done with this yet. I'm still working on it.) Dragonball z underground hole is a Dragonball z movie. It takes place one year after Trunks warns Goku about the androids. They are still training. When Goku is training he accidentally falls into a hole and Chi Chi and Gohan see it but theres nothing they can do. Goku is falling for a while. He lands deep deep deep underground. He wakes up on a floor of rocks and dirt the next day. He walks further. He reachs a tunnel. He hears people so he hides and listens to their words. An evil man says "Ha ha ha ha haa! I am the greatest saiyan of all! I am Boulder the miner. I am a powerful miner. No one can beat me!! Goku sensed Boulders power level was enormously high and terrifying. Boulder leaves. Boulder had a tail. Boulder was one of the surviving saiyans. He was Nappas brother. He thought Nappa was a weakling. Goku later finds ways to survive underground. He sees Boulders henchmen and they attack him. So he goes super saiyan and kills them with Ki blasts. He blows them to smithereens.

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